Donors Choose… Incentives!

Ok, just got the word–there is a donor who is matching small donations (up to $100), so you can double the effect of your money! Just enter the match code “SCIENCE” (without quotes) in the box labeled “match or gift code”, on the page where you are entering your payment info for paypal or credit card. The matching started this morning, and goes until they hit $50,000 of donations to match. That’s a lot of helped classrooms.

But suppose you want to donate more than that? You see the perfect project that you want to be personally responsible for, and you make a bigger donation; is there an incentive for that? Well… sorta. For my readers who donate in the triple digits (if you are able to donate in more digits than that, please note I have a tip jar, myself!), I want to send you one of my cuttlefish car emblems. If you already donated in the triple digits (and you know who you are–and so do I), let me know if you want a car emblem, and where you want it sent (one reader already has).

I have only a few extras here, but if enough of you donate I am perfectly willing to put in another order, and consider it a big win for the kids.


  1. Ctenotrish says

    I already have my spiffy cuttle-stickers, but was happy to donate to a local project through your link regardless! :)

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