Guest Post: “Selective Miracles”

Selective Miracles–courtesy of long-time commenter and friend of cuttlefish everywhere Joan

Just listened to a parent thanking God or Jesus Christ
(Or their angels, a convenient second string,)
For protecting his young children from the harm of being sliced
Through with bullets in a maniac’s last fling. (continues, after jump:)

Twelve are dead. One has to wonder, couldn’t Jesus multi-task
Or call in some apostles on his team
To prevent the death of all of those who would have surely asked
And to mitigate some carnage on the scene?

If we’re so quick to credit God or Jesus for our luck
Who is it that we credit with the deaths?
It’s obvious that something here has really gone amok
If God won’t claim the credit for the rest.

It’s a sad enduring question that has puzzled all mankind
And the answer? People here are still awaitin’
So to get their “loving” God and “ caring” Jesus off the hook
People took the cue and then invented Satan.


  1. Joan says

    Thank you Trebuchet. Also thanks for catapulting me to the anti Mikey link rant. This has to be the most far-fetched theories of the wing nut mental gymnasts that I have read to date.
    You would think that the died in the woolly red haired joker would have been the ideal agent of Satan for these people to anoint, but apparently Mikey trumps him. (sigh)

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