“Fortnight For Freedom” Ends

The Fortnight For Freedom has drawn to a close
As the church has been fighting for freedom—
The Bishops have lobbied to take away rights
From the women, who don’t really need ‘em.
They still have the freedom to follow the church,
To submit to the will of their masters
To leave the decisions to men of the cloth,
To the rabbis and mullahs and pastors…

When the church has the freedom to do as it pleases
And make my decisions for me,
When laws make us all the disciples of Jesus…
Then that’s how we know we are free.

You remember the Fortnight for Freedom, right? Me neither, and I wrote about it. I expect the bishops will announce that it was a thorough success.

Bishops are delusional like that.

edit–I saw another article (and promptly lost the link), with some frankly unbelievable quotes!

A national poll found 57 percent of Catholics supported the mandatory coverage for birth control, but Madden said such polls are irrelevent.

“It makes no difference because it’s [opposition to birth control] what the church professes and believes,” he said.


  1. says

    The bishops complained that the HHS mandate was draconian — as bad as existing law in California, Oregon, and New York. So why have the California bishops been so quiet during the decade that the mandate was in force in California? I guess it’s only an outrage if Obama does it.

  2. Jim says

    I have always supported the prinicple of “fornicate for freedom”. As a former catholic, I am pleased to read the bishops did not take this challenge lying down, but stood firm for their beliefs. Just one more fine example of how the Catholic church reaches out to touch its congregation.

  3. Blondin says

    DC, your ‘another article’ link doesn’t link to another article. It links to the same article another time.

  4. Cuttlefish says

    Crud. I don’t know if I’ll be able to find that one again. Maybe I’ll just break the link.

  5. jnorris says

    “It makes no difference because it’s [opposition to birth control] what the church professes and believes,” he said.”

    Only the dogma in the pulpit professes and believes the opposition to birth control. The church people in th pews don’t buy it.

  6. carpenterman says

    A Fortnight for Freedom,defined by the Bishops
    An oxymoronic appeal
    As they strive to keep all
    Of the people in thrall
    With bellowing, jack-booted zeal.

    They want everybody to join them in bondaqge
    And follow their hearts, not their brains.
    With gold on the alter
    To pay for the slaughter
    And velvet robes hiding their chains.

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