Headline Muse, 6/29

Though Republicans don’t lack for zeal
There’s a world that is often called “real”
Where their much-despised “laws”
Are not there “just because”—
There is no simple path to repeal

Headline: For Opponents of Health Care Law, No Easy Path to Repeal

The court’s ruling that Congress can use its taxing power to assess a penalty fee on Americans who ignore the individual insurance mandate certainly opens a gateway for anti-tax Republicans to attack the law. Should they win the White House and gain even a narrow majority in the Senate, Republicans would be able to use the same procedural approach Democrats took to get the health care law over the finish line two years ago to undo the taxes and federal subsidies that are at the core of the law.

But attacking the law by stripping away its layers of taxes, fees and subsidies is not the same as dismantling it. Undoing the major benefits and policies of the law — which include medical coverage for children up to age 26, protections for people with pre-existing conditions and the end of annual and lifetime caps on certain forms of coverage — would require the acquiescence of Senate Democrats, which is highly unlikely.


  1. sailor1031 says

    Going to be a bit of a sticky wicket for the repubs if they want to do away with the individual mandate and the tax penalty for non-compliance, if the other mandates remain in force. I mean how are the insurance companies going to make it pay under those circumstances? I predict they will be the first to pressure congress to leave it alone now it’s law.

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