Ok, this is just fun.

I was looking for something I had written long ago, and search engines were being no help at all. Still haven’t found it, and am wondering if perhaps it’s a false memory. But that is not what I am writing to tell you about.

I want to tell you about Cuttlefishism. And it’s just great. A couple of 8th graders, back in 2006, had a bit of fun creating their own “Cuttlefishism” religion. We’ve all been there. But these kids (who are college-aged now, if counting on my tentacles works) put up a website in support of their new religion (apparently taking advantage of a “create a free church website” link–how perfect).

And it’s just adorable. I had to check, though; did they predate me? Checking, I see I was indeed a Cuttlefish before their website went up, so I’m safe from lawsuit.

Anyway, I would love to make their day. There hasn’t been an update on their site in 4 years or so, but you can go and sign their guest-book, and maybe sign up for their forum! (I don’t even know if they would still get email updates to let you in, so I can’t promise we’ve just found a place where our Cuttlefish Army can congregate.) Mostly, I just had a big dumb smile on my face looking around their site and remembering, just a bit, what it was like to be an 8th grader having fun.


  1. 'Tis Himself, OM says

    I’d sign their guestbook but first I have to sign up and the link for signing up is borked.

  2. Cuttlefish says

    Damn. That’s what I get for promoting something 4+ years old, and a throw-away project at the time!

  3. Die Anyway says

    I signed up no problem, and logged in and left a reply to F’s post.

    A nice bunch of gobbledegook they’ve written but Chuck Norris as Patron Saint? Say it ain’t so.

  4. Cuttlefish says

    Hmph. I have now tried with two different browsers, and no luck. For a Cuttlefishist place, they do not seem to care for Cuttlefish.

  5. F says


    OK, weird. I no longer even see the Contact the Clergy sub-forum listed. Which is where I had posted.

    But I still have no problems reading threads, without a login, from the main board:

    Oh, I see. Without a login, you can’t access the Cuttlefishism Internal Forum. Which includes Contact the Clergy. Which I did so as to prod the clergy a bit about the Guestbook being down.

    Cuttlefish, all I can suggest is that after you do the “Captcha”, you are somehow not copying the full extent of the gibberish to paste into the box below. IIRC, mine came up with a scrollbar next to it that I pushed up before copying the gibbertext.

    If that isn’t helpful, then I haz a sad.

  6. Cuttlefish says

    It continues to say I have a problem with the verification code. Could you check to see if the user name “Cuttlefish” is already taken? Maybe that’s the problem, but it doesn’t tell me properly.

  7. F says

    Meh. I was trying to play around with registration, but I can’t get the SolveMedia thing to take the code, i.e., there is no submit button (I’d swear there was) and using the Enter key doesn’t work.

    It can’t be a cache problem as I’ve tried multiple isolated browsers.

  8. F says

    Ah, no. There is no “Cuttlefish”, but 3 usernames which contain it. I was trying to create a login for “Digital Cuttlefish”, as I figured I could email you the credentials and you could then change the address and whatnot in the control panel, but I can’t flippin’ submit the code to get the generated gibbertext.

    Just so I’m clear as to where it fails for you, by “verification code” do you mean the short type-in code, or the large chunk of gibberish you are supposed to copy & paste in? (Which you get after submitting the short typed-in code.) I’m just looking for the point of failure here.

  9. F says

    Ah, I know where it is failing for you, then.

    Maybe that is how it worked last night: Using the register button at the bottom may have reloaded the page with the further copy/paste requirement. Bah!

  10. F says

    Oh. It didn’t work, but there is supposed to be a “Check” button under the SolveMedia box.

    Working. . .

  11. Cuttlefish says

    Yeah, I have gotten as far as three (or more) different attempts at the word verification, each telling me that the word verification failed. Sometimes it was a phrase, sometimes a jumble, always my answer was wrong, despite my being right.

    If you *can* get me an account, I’d love it!

  12. F says

    I’m working at it. I’ve only gotten the “Check” button to show up once, but the page crashed for some other reason when submitting. I think that is some problem with the particular version of Iron I was using, because it has done it several times before.

    If I can just get the script for that damned button to execute properly, it’s a go. I suspect the issue may be server-side, as it seemed random when the button appeared.

  13. F says isn’t loading the button, is what. Sometimes I can catch it by sending the page to an editor, but it can’t be used from there.

    Ima have a look to see if I can’t adjust a loading timeout somewhere and see if it helps.

  14. Eric says

    OH MY SWEET CUTTLEFISH! I’m one of the guys that made the website! (WallaWalla) It is one of the other founder’s birthday today, so I posted a link to his facebook, and was reading through the old forums. I hadn’t been there in probably 5 years or so, but I did notice we had a new person register in Feb 2012.

  15. Fantum says

    I’m the original admin for the site. If there’s enough interest I’ll go in and redo the site to make it more modern. It’ll be in free time, so it may take a while though.

  16. Eric says

    In an interesting turn of events, I’m actually banned from the forums at the moment, but I’m talking with the other two admins, and hopefully we can get it all figured out in the morning (1 AM EST here at the moment). If you guys are interested in the forums, you would be more than welcome to move in, lol. By the way, their validation thingy never seemed to work well, when I was trying to recover my password it was giving me a hard time as well. If I can get an admin to log in I’ll see if we can deactivate that.

  17. Grant says

    I stumbled upon this post looking up our site for old times sake, and I have forwarded this to my friends (we created the site back in 8th Grade). Fond memories, I dont think any of us have looked at it in years, but I will see if I can get all of us back together on there to catch up on some posts. This has honestly made my day!

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