Evil Little Thing

Once upon a time, there was
An evil little thing,
Who faced the slings and arrows that
She knew her acts would bring.
The folks in her community
Are treating her like dirt—
You want to stand with Jessica?
It’s time to buy a shirt.

An “Evil Little Thing” shirt, that is–proceeds go to Jessica Ahlquist’s college scholarship fund (set up by The Friendly Atheist). Click the link, take a look–if you wish, you can order a customized version, with your choice of font and/or your message on the back.


  1. Die Anyway says

    I wonder how this whole affair would have played out if Jessica were Hindu or Jewish or some other prominent but minority-in-America religion?

  2. says

    If Jessica weren’t a pretty Caucasian female, instead of having religious objects waved at them by religious bigots, her family would probably have discovered a burning cross on their front lawn by now. Or worse.

  3. Cuttlefish says

    I dunno, sinned34… the research shows atheists are viewed qualitatively differently than members of other religions. I suspect (but cannot know) there would still be protest, of course, but the rhetoric would be much more in the form of dog-whistles, without the blatant anti-atheist prejudice. Atheists are a target everybody can agree on.

  4. says

    I agree that atheists are commonly maligned and mistrusted and are a convenient target for the varying Christian sects to unite against, but those “other” religions are considered by a lot of bigots to be “brown people” religions. And, to my mind at least, racists seem to be willing to step over the line into violence more than your run-of-the-mill American Christian Martyr.

  5. Freerefill says

    I think I’d agree that if Jessica was a middle-aged male Joe Taxpayer, instead of an underage female high school student, we’d see more bite along with the bark. Just goes to show, under all of our complexities, many of us are still human. Not all of us, but… many. … I hope.

    Also, just bought the shirt. Hot pink text on top of yellow, which I’m going to wear until it fades a bit. I demand people call me Fluttershy henceforth.

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