Teaching The Controversy (Hopper’s Folly)

Evolution is offensive, cos it tells us we’ve evolved,
From a monkey, from a lungfish, from a worm!
Now New Hampshire’s Gary Hopper think’s he’s got the problem solved
So we’re doing something differently this term.

He’d require science teachers, when they’re speaking to their class,
To instruct them not to stick with any theory—
Cos today it’s evolution, but tomorrow that will pass—
All this change in science makes a man grow weary

We should teach the controversy! There are several points of view!
Evolution’s merely one belief in many!
There’s alternatives aplenty, like creationism, too,
If we’re lucky, then we won’t have time for any!

While we’re at it, let’s see challenges to gravity as well,
And the theory that the earth is truly round
And the notion of a “molecule”, an “atom”, or a “cell”,
Throughout science, we see challenges are found!

While the scientists will tell us that one theory is the best
There are others they consider not so nice
Which the children should attend to, thanks to Hopper’s new request
And New Hampshire’s reputation pays the price

The good news is, the linked article (here it is again) isn’t just a report that the bill has been proposed, but actually addresses the idiocy of Hopper’s Folly. What’s more, the comments on the article (thus far) are on the side of right.

For another take on this, check out the Spanish Inquisitor.


  1. jbrock says

    I think Judeo-Christian Intelligent Design Theory should be taught … right alongside the Greek, Norse, Egyptian, Babylonian, and Japanese Intelligent Design Theories.

    Although, yeah, the schools might have to solicit parental consent for some of those.

  2. d cwilson says

    Seriously, WTF happened to New Hampshire? The entire state seems to have been teabagged.

  3. lordshipmayhem says

    I love the monumental fail from one Herman Cummings, who claims that the current Creationists aren’t correct because:

    Current Creationism is ignorant of the Genesis text

    So he has “current” Creationism and “Biblical” Creationism. And apparently, they’re not the same thing.

    Say WHAT, neighbour?

  4. rob says

    me, i’m a strict intelligent gravitationalist. how else can you explain that gravity sucks, yet keeps us anchored to the earth?

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