Edible? Wearable?

An octopus, in all its glory,
Draped about a dress of nori,
Decorates a model in a German fashion show
Chocolate wraps, and masks of fishes
Are these clothes, or are they dishes?
Edible aesthetics for the woman on the go?

From the drawing-board and kettle
Of the Michelin chef Trettl
It was mostly eaten afterwards (not all of it, I note)
Now this fashion-slash-nutrition
Is a photo exhibition
As couture or as cuisine, though, I’m left wondering… is it haute?

More after jump:

After Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me mentioned it on their news quiz, I had to see more. It was true–a Berlin fashion show featured… haute couture/haute cuisine. Pics at that link show more of the process, not so much the final product.

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  1. Clare says

    First thought – I wonder if PETA will protest or do they only care about fluffy mammals?

    Second thought – wonder if PZ will buy one for the Trophy Wife? ;)

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