Warning! Avert Your Eyes!

There are people teaching tolerance—
They’re marching up the block—
I thought I ought to warn you
So you wouldn’t die of shock.
Their message of diversity,
Acceptance, and respect
Will likely reach our kids, if it’s
Allowed to spread unchecked.
We must protect the children
From equality, or worse!
I recommend you read to them
This welcome bible verse.
Our Christian moral values
Are enshrined within that book

There are people teaching tolerance…
You might not want to look.

Stephanie over at Almost Diamonds has the story.


  1. Matt says

    This is outstanding.

    Would you mind if I set it to music? I’ll happily record it and send it off to you…as a matter of fact, a number of your pieces lend themselves to being songs.

    Thanks for being the purveyor of good humor while simultaneously pointing out the ills of society. Good stuff!!

  2. Die Anyway says

    A dollar says it was a publicity ploy by the LGBT group. Not that that in itself is a bad thing. It would help point out to any semi-intelligent Xtian the absurdity of their position in opposing tolerance, equality, and acceptance. If it was put out by a Christian group, they took the wrong focus… maybe shot themselves in the foot so-to-speak.

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