Headline Muse, 10/24

A creationist and a flat-earther
Perry hints he may now be a birther
Why, the reasons to laugh
Are too many to graph—
And the reasons for mirth just get mirther

Headline: Rick Perry doesn’t know if Obama’s birth certificate is real

If only there were some hard evidence, like the bible…


  1. The Lorax says

    Very Seussian word, “mirther”. I like that.

    Perry, Perry, quite contrary,
    How does your campaign go?
    Lies and doubts and prayers for fire,
    And Tea Parties all in a row.

  2. Die Anyway says

    I see, though, that they are not bound by political affiliation. The latest is a preemptive attack on Florida’s Marco Rubio, just in case he decides to get into presidential politics. Oh, sure, he was born in America but his parent’s weren’t naturalized citizens yet (being Cuban immigrants). In the birthers’ book that leaves him out in the cold even though he’s a God-fearing Republican.

    I can’t decide which clown I should root for to win the Republican nomination. Perry; Bachmann; Cain. I’m thinking that Bachmann is the least well spoken and should therefore be my leading choice. Not that it means much for my voting… I’m registerd under a small, third party and don’t get to vote in either primary.

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