That’s Some Pig

Over at my recent Donors Choose Feedback post, I just got a comment (at about 4 AM–I wonder what time zone?) with a bit of a plea:

OK, it’s not exactly a science project (well maybe if you stretch — animal husbandry? the life-cycle of the order order Araneae?), but this Donors Choose project to buy a set of _Charlotte’s Web_ for poor kids in Louisiana expires in less than two days; I’ve given more to it than I can afford, but not enough … I wonder if you wonder consider adding it to your list? I’ll be devastated if it doesn’t make it.:

I loved that book as a kid. Anyway, I took a look, and the project is indeed expiring–it actually says it has just one day left now. I have added it to my widget over there to the right.

And yes, I am a sucker for a plea for help.


  1. debkaren says

    HOORAY! Your site did it. (I’m an American who lives in England — and in despair about the state of education funding at home.)

    This made my day. Thanks again.


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