Tales Told By Idiots

The contenders ‘round the table pushed their policies and plans;
Their attacks aimed at Obama were quite ruthless
Though they rang with sound and fury (well, according to their fans)
When examined, they were often nearly truthless

The claims made to a wide audience will stick around, even when they don’t hold up to examination in the harsh light of reality. Still, it is nice to see that someone is actually checking the truthfulness (vs. truthiness) of those claims.

No matter who the eventual winner, we can expect to see these claims again, and ought to be prepared. Of course, being prepared is not always enough (those of us old enough to remember Mondale’s response to Reagan’s “there you go again” are keenly aware of this).


  1. joan says

    The refutation article’s a good idea. The fact
    Is the truth will usually quickly fall to bottom of the stack.

    It is hard enough to glean the truth from one quite simple lie.
    With this labyrinthine stuff the average bloke won’t even try

    And the people who will care enough to actually inquire?
    The fact checkers are preaching to the members of the choir.

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