Knit Me A Brain

Our friend Daniel over at Camels With Hammers has noticed an influx of people with long needles. In a show of freethought blogs support, I thought I’d repost a couple of posts from my old digs that got quite a few visits from Ravelry in the past. Just trying to make the new place more comfy.

A tip of the cuttlecap to Shelley of Retrospectacle for reporting on the Museum of Scientifically Accurate Fabric Brain Art

We’ve got sweaters to mend; we’ve got socks we can darn,
So pull up a chair, and I’ll spin you a yarn;
It’s a song with a Scarecrow-of-Oz-like refrain:
Please pick up your needles and knit me a brain!

I’ve knitted my bones, and I’ve knitted my brow,
But I’ve never seen brains knitted—up until now;
With each neural pathway a separate skein,
It’s Art and it’s Science, so knit me a brain!

Two hemispheres knit, and then reaching across ‘em
A beautiful, zippered-up corpus callosum;
Such fine application of knit, purl, and chain,
I want one myself—so please, knit me a brain!

With the brain’s convolutions appropriately gyred
This fabric creation has got me inspired!
My love for this art, I can hardly contain—
So how can I get one? Please knit me a brain!

Some people may tell you I’ve gone ‘round the bend
That the stuff ‘twixt my ears needs some decades to mend.
I could use some new grey-matter; mine’s gone insane,
It would not go to waste, if you’d knit me a brain.

You can see for yourself—why, just look at the time
I must take to obsessively put things to rhyme;
Something’s wrong, and I think that the answer is plain:
I need a replacement—so knit me a brain!


  1. Mattir says

    FSM, I love you, Cuttlefish. I don’t have a knitted brain (yet), but I have my own slowly growing coral reef and a Lorenz manifold. And a lot of shawls and socks.

  2. Joan says

    Me too! I’m putting in my order here:

    As I’m aging I feel I am gong insane
    Cause remembering facts is becoming a strain.
    Since I’ll soon be considered a dotty old dame
    I’d be thrilled if you’d knit me a really fine brain.

    And please knit in silk, cause it’s frequently said
    That I’m gathering wool, right here in my head.
    That rumor is one which I’d soon put to bed
    If I got me a fabulous new brain instead.

    And alas, if the new brain does not make me smart.
    Just the owning of it would soon set me apart.
    I could mount the production on wall as great art.
    Hey! Did I hear you’re starting to work on a heart?


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