I know you are on tenterhooks, wondering about my mom. Mostly, I just wrote that because I love the word “tenterhooks”, and feel that one should use it whenever possible. But there is an update, and it is good news. For those of you not praying for her, or for those of you who (like F(entropy)) are thinking kind thoughts about her despite my post… Not only is she surpassing the “dreaded worst-case scenario”, but she is at this point beating the “steely-eyed statistical average”, and is well into the “damn, that’s impressive” territory.

So on the off chance you were worrying, there are other things to worry about.

But if you think that gets you off the blood donation hook, think again.


  1. zackoz says

    Good wishes to you and the family anyway, Cuttlefish.

    Glad the op (or whatever it was) went well.

    But “…the blood donation hook?” Don’t you mean tenterhook?

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