Headline Muse, 8/23

It was more than the locals could take
As their neighborhoods started to shake
But still worse were the smirks
From the West-Coaster jerks
With their constant “You call that a quake?”

Headline: 5.8 Magnitude Earthquake Rattles East Coast

No, I didn’t feel it. But I’ve felt larger quakes on softer ground, while in Greece. Very disconcerting. I’m very glad it looks like damage was minimal. Let us all give thanks… to architects, engineers, builders, and all those who helped others today, even if that help was just calming them down.


  1. MikeMa says

    I was one of those west coast jerks years ago. This quake, from the POV of southeast PA, was only distinguishable from an off-balance washer spin cycle by a wee bit. Wifey was on the deck and the shaking felt more pronounced to her. Not much damage apparently so that is a good thing.

  2. NancyNew says

    Outside of Baltimore, the quake shook the heck out of the concrete bunker-built building I work in. Pretty startling, actually.

  3. F (entropy) says

    That was one odd quake, going by the quakes I’ve felt around C-level-and. Not the buzzing, rumbling quakes I’ve felt in the past, but a lot of lateral wobbly movement.

    I didn’t check at the time, but I called it. It’s funny how people don’t believe you, or that it is a reasonable hypothesis, that the odd ground shaking is an earthquake.*

    *High-school physics class: A few seconds of mild shaking and vibrating objects.

    – What was that?!

    ~ An earthquake.

    – No way. It can’t be an earthquake.

    ~ It was the subway, then.

    – There’s no subway!

    ~ Then it was an earthquake.

    (Air traffic doesn’t do that, and there are no quarries using blasting nearby. Then again, there was a devastating gas explosion near here, once.

  4. aspidoscelis says

    The smirks are justified
    when easterners are terrified
    while we would shrug and take it in stride.
    It’s just a little shake
    and there’s no good reason to make
    this little wobble into an earthquake.

  5. says

    BTW, you’ve got a auto-playing audio (& video) ad between your post and the comments. This is very surprising to have start up unexpectedly. I intentionally enabled ads on freethoughtblogs.com since I’d heard there’s a great need for income to pay for the setup costs. I suspect (hope) that audio ads are a bridge-too-far. In any case, I wanted to make sure it was known.

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