In Lieu Of Doing Nothing

So Cuttlemom (who has, of course, no idea that this blog exists, let alone that her son writes it) had roughly eight hours of surgery yesterday. It was needed, and it went well, and because I am a cuttlefish, that’s about all I’m going to say about it. Except. Cuttlesis (again, no idea of…) has been in charge of keeping everyone informed, and the long list of family and friends shows that this is a good and a necessary thing. Being Cuttlesis, she ends her emails by thanking everyone for their continued prayers.

At least three of the families on the list are atheist, I know. Many are devout bible-thumping christians, yes, but she knows that these three families have just heard “oh, this message doesn’t really apply to you.” It’s not a big deal, just yet one more example of privilege; when you are in the majority, you don’t have to think about what the minority thinks.

Anyway, though. I won’t ask for your kind thoughts toward my mother; you don’t know her, and there’s nothing those thoughts could do to help. What I will ask, though, is that the next chance you get, take a friend to a blood drive with you. If you can’t donate… take two friends.

I’ve said this before, and usually a small handful of people report back that they have done so. But really, if only one unit of blood gets donated, it’s got prayer beat.

On that note, one from the old place:

image thanks to PZ, who thanks Brian Flemming, who thanks Maria.
Let’s fold our hands and bow our heads
And mumble something low,
Or pray to tens of millions on
Some television show.
Let’s take a silent moment, and
Have others do the same,
So those remaining talking can
Be sure to feel their shame.
Let’s know that we are better, cos
We spent our time in prayer,
Than atheists and heathens who
Are working over there.
Let’s say a prayer for Washington,
For Darfur; for Tibet;
Let’s say a prayer for hunger, and
To fix the nation’s debt.
Let’s say a prayer for miners, trapped
In tunnels underground;
Let’s say a prayer for missing kids
In hopes that they are found.
Let’s say a prayer for polar ice
And students gone berserk;
Let’s say a prayer for everything–
It sure beats doing work.


  1. Randomfactor says

    And while you’re @ the blood bank, ask them about getting on the bone marrow registry. And not only sign that organ donor card, make sure your closest relatives–ESPECIALLY those who are praying for you–know you’re an organ donor. (My late wife got three donated organs; I’m hoping to pay them back someday.)

  2. NancyNew says

    Well, I didn’t donate blood with CuttleMom in mind specifically, obviously, but I DO donate. And you’re absolutely right–I’ve always considered one of the most concretely positive things anyone can do.

  3. Deepsix says

    The ad below your post:

    “Grace Prayer
    Thousands will Pray for You
    click here to post your prayer”

    Since it’s an ad, is it pay for pray?

  4. Cuttlefish says

    Hmmm, Deepsix–

    Technically, I suppose they are paying me for the chance to ask you to disagree with what I am saying. Not much, mind you, but it doesn’t take much to be doing more than prayer.

  5. F (entropy) says

    Well, yer gettin kind thots fer CuttleMom. Like it or not, here they come.

    (Did you feel the impact?)

    They have a drought in Texas
    Clasp your hands and pray for rain
    Then pray a little more
    That you’re not partially insane

  6. carolw says

    I don’t have money to donate to causes, so I give blood. And I don’t pray, either. I’m trying to break myself of other silly habits like crossing my fingers, knocking on wood, etc.
    I hope Cuttlemom has had a good recovery.

  7. Cuttlefish says

    Thanks, CarolW–actually, she’s out of the hospital as of yesterday! Still a looooong recuperation period ahead, but out of hospital is good.

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