Raise Your Hand!

Republicans across the land
Will stand with those who raise their hands
Thus caving to the right’s demands
For “No New Taxes!”
They’ll hear no ifs, nor ands, nor buts,
No compromise! More cuts! More cuts!
And showing they’re completely nuts
They raise their axes.

It’s just exactly what was feared—
The moderates have disappeared—
They’ve all marched right; it’s rather weird
But quite expected
Some seem quite real; some must be fakes
But all of them will lie like snakes
They’ve figured out, that’s what it takes
To get elected.

But raising hands one August night
And claiming they will fight the fight
Might put them in a different light
Come next November
They’ll do their best to sugar-coat
Because they need the centrist vote;
We saw the hands, and we made note,
And we’ll remember.

Via Ed, a bit on the surreal moment from the GOP debate. Given that Perry was not among the debaters, he needs to have his answer put on record–preferably before a similarly minded crowd.


  1. binjabreel says

    We do need to hear Rick Perry’s opinion on this, though I have a feeling that it’d either be a lot of slimy weaseling or a lockstep agreement. He’s no fool.

    But what about Rick Parry? This man has remained an enigma for too long.

  2. cuttlefish says

    I’ve been searching everywhere for information on Parry! I’ve read confessions of people who have voted for him, but no mention of any official count!

  3. says

    Is it hypocrisy or ignorance? The right wants CUTS CUTS CUTS, NO TAXES EVER, but they still want all their benefits and perks.

    Cut every program! (As long as *I’m* not using it.)

    Stop government spending! (But keep my Medicare/Social Security/defense/etc etc flush.)

    No taxes ever! (But I want my federal subsidies, and financial help, and any programs *I* happen to need.)

    Spending and taxes are evil! (But I better not see any cuts to *my* perks.)

    Bring down the debt now! (Just cut everyone else’s benefits, not mine.)

    Hypocrisy? Ignorance? Insanity!

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