1. says

    The more trouble DM gets in, the more I like it. And a formal diagnosis and some proper psychotropic medication wouldn’t hurt.

  2. Ken says

    Just sickening … The police response that is, and the apparent ignorance of the journalist. Nowwww we can do something they say, as if the Montreal police hadn’t been contacted multiple times over several years. It’s only now that this has been exposed widely that they finally act.

  3. Michael says

    I had to laugh when the copper asked people to stop filing complaints because it was making it hard for investigators to do their job. Yeah, people reporting crimes to the police. It’s outrageous.

    And a subtle shifting of the blame: The poor old coppers would love to do their job but it’s impossible because, “People are talking directly to the suspect and the mother…”

    Mabus/Markuze hasn’t got too much to worry about.

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