Headline Muse, 8/3

It’s dangerous, bloody, and hot
And a media spotlight (or not)
Assad hit Assi Square
Greeting everyone there
With a message of “Tanks. Tanks a lot.”

Headline: Syria Sends In Tanks to Storm Center of Rebellious City

What good is a Holy Month, if everybody keeps killing each other?


  1. says

    Where have I seen this before?
    Skeptical limericks? For sure!
    ‘Tis a mighty fine thought,
    and I’m glad that it caught.
    But now, you know THIS MEANS WAR!

  2. cuttlefish says

    Rich! I knew I snagged the idea somewhere–I thought it was a combination of Felicia Lamport’s “Muse of the Week in Review” and Isaac Asimov’s big book of limericks, but it is quite possible that your site is the real inspiration.

    BTW, you need to be less modest–for others, if you click on Rich’s name, you get to limerickfun.blogspot.com, and you’ll see what he’s talking about!

  3. nova says

    Another poetical blog?
    These really help get through the slog.
    Just one quick distraction,
    gets me back to action.
    Reading limericks breaks up my brain fog!

    I’ll definitely check out Rich’s blog now, thanks!

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