On Pseudonymity

Pseudonymous writing
For some, is exciting,
For others, it’s something they need.
They may face retribution
For each contribution,
Or be given a warning to heed;

To offer some sort
Of a helpful support
To such people, is good (I should think);
They’re a little more free
When allowed (like, say, me)
A disguise made of cuttlefish ink!

The pseudonym wars continue. While Google+ fans remind us that the product is still in development, potential users like GrrlScientist and BugGirl continue to be frustrated in their attempts to extend their working personas with a tool that is easily available… at the cost of their pseudonymity.

My dear friend Podblack has a new interview up, with some new freethoughtblogs writer named Cuttlefish, that I think is well worth reading. Odd, though… it doesn’t rhyme.


  1. says

    Yeah well, count me in among those culled for using a pseudonym on G+. Still not sure what to do, but using my real name is not an option.

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