Headline Muse, 8/1

One side claimed, “Our planet is flat!”
The other, “It’s round!” There they sat.
No chance of agreement,
And compromise, see, meant
“It’s oval—let’s leave it at that.”

Headline: Obama and Leader Reach Debt Deal


  1. rebecca says

    Cuttlefish! You’ve inspired me! :-)

    The GOP congress seems to want to be praised:
    Woo hoo! Got our way! Woo hoo, taxes weren’t raised!
    Woo hoo! Cut big bucks from the sick and the old!
    Woo hoo! Wealthy friends keep their yachts and their gold!

    But all those republicans should now be recalled:
    They held us all hostage as the economy stalled.
    They irresponsibly, recklessly held a hard line,
    Didn’t care the whole country might suffer, decline.
    They’re naysayers. Bullies. They’re zealots. They’re haters.
    Almost took down the country!

    They’re practically traitors.

    Rebecca Rose

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