I’m not talking about the Earthquake

I’m not sure if anyone is expecting me to comment on the recent catastrophe in Japan, but I’m not going to. A really tragic thing has happened, is still happening, and the effects of it will continue to be felt for many months and years to come. I have no more insight to offer than that, and I won’t make any more comments about it unless a story comes out of the tragedy that intersects with the subject matter of this blog.


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    Quite so. I wish most media outlets would learn to do the same – reporting on a tragedy is important, doubtless, but the ghoulish fixation with death and suffering instead of matters of international importance depresses me greatly. I saw this particularly with the Christchurch earthquake, being an Australian, but it’s been taken to a new extreme with Japan.

    It’s an awful, awful situation, but all that insistent, ceaseless reporting on it does is satisfy the voyeuristic urges of media consumers. Ick.

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