Tragic story from the Maldives

Anyone who thinks that religious involvement in politics is good, or even neutral should feel free to move to the Maldives:

A man in the Indian Ocean island state of the Maldives has died, apparently by suicide, after complaining of being victimised for not being a Muslim.

Suicide of any type is tragic. This hits me personally because of the reasons behind his taking of his own life. Having to kill yourself due to religious persecution is terrible. Obviously this couldn’t have been the only reason he killed himself – many people who are persecuted do not commit suicide; however, it is certainly a contributory cause.

The Maldives’ constitution demands that all its citizens be Muslim, and religious office-holders regularly stress the unacceptability of other faiths being accepted or propagated.

I can’t imagine how you could pass a law requiring someone to believe something, but like Malaysia, it is apparently within the powers of the government to require people to be a member of a religion. This, fundamentalist Christians, is a violation of freedom of religion – not failing to bend over backwards to accommodate your stupid beliefs. And this is the result. This is why religion needs to be out of public life, and why atheists need to speak out.

I don’t have a lot more to write about this topic. It’s Friday, we’re supposed to be laughing at double rainbows.


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    Dare I suggest a layer of mystery surrounding this supposed suicide? I assume (perhaps wrongly) that the man you’re talking about is this guy:

    He doesn’t exactly seem suicidal to me. He seems happy and a little cheeky. Those around him, however, are incredulous at his very existence, and discount his worth as a Maldivian and a person. The speaker stops just short of saying he deserves to be killed, but is it possible someone who had slightly stronger feelings recognized the guy on the street?

    Oh wow, never mind! I just read the link in your post. Different guy… Well then. 100% minus two I suppose, though now ostensibly they’re back to being a pure Islamic state. Good for them.

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