Fuck you too, Somalia

No sooner do I write a summary of my warm, fuzzy feelings about the World Cup, when I read that Islamic militants in Somalia are executing people for watching the matches on TV. Of course it’s couched in religious justification (it always is). So while the rest of the world is trying to come together to participate in a multi-national event, to put aside its differences for a minute and play a friggin’ game, Somalia has decided to say a big ‘fuck you’ to the world.

Okay, Somali religious militants, on behalf of the rest of the world…




I feel much better.


  1. Pat Dixon says

    And to think it’s still ‘politically correct’ (for some) to “respect” such “differences”. They and these Somalis simply fall on different places in the spectrum of logical thinking (from ‘little’ to ‘none’etc)….

  2. says

    In my mind, lack of dissent is assent. If you hear about something like this being done in the name of your religion, and you don’t speak up against it and say “these people do not represent my beliefs” then you’re essentially saying that you agree.

    It gives me at least some hope that people seem to be ignoring the brutal regime. It’d be better to see people boldly taking a stand, but I’ll settle for people violating the law in such a way as doesn’t get them executed.

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