Bill Cosby is trending again

Meanwhile, in the annals of Bill Cosby, the list keeps lengthening.

In a press conference held by attorney Gloria Allred in New York this Friday, two women, Lili Bernard and Sammie Mays, both accused Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them.

Mays, a writer, says she met Cosby at a convention in New Orleans in the late ’80s, and that she became unconscious after receiving a drink from Cosby. She woke up half undressed and falling out of her chair.

Bernard, an actress who appeared on the final season of the “Cosby Show” and viewed Cosby as a mentor, claims that the comic drugged and raped her in the early ‘90s. “He praised me,” said Bernard. “He lifted me up. I believed him. After all, he was Bill Cosby. After he had won my complete trust and adoration, he drugged me and raped me.” Bernard added that when she saw Cosby in 1992 he threatened her and said “You’re dead, Bernard. You don’t exist. I never wanna see your face again.”

While the statute of limitations has expired for most Cosby accusers, Bernard was allegedly assaulted in New Jersey, which has no statute of limitations for rape. Yesterday, Bernard and Allred reported the crime at a police station in Atlantic city, with hopes that Cosby will finally be prosecuted. “Unlike most other states, New Jersey has no statue of limitations for rape,” said Allred. “Which means that law enforcement is not prevented from prosecuting a case because of an arbitrary time period set by law.”

This brings the total number of accusers to 35.

Cosby’s doing a show tonight in Atlanta. Protests are planned.


  1. says

    I am trying to remember why there is a statute of limitations, again?
    Was it so that politicians, gangsters, and financiers could retire safely with their ill-gotten gains, and it just happened to also cover rapist comedians?

  2. ludicrous says

    Not worried at all about no stinkin statute of limitations. Do the drug or anti terrorist warriors worry about that? No, they are proactive, they go out and set up a sting.

    Now that the war on drugs is beginning to wind down we need to find new work for all those agents before they are retired and let loose on the streets to get into mischief on their own. Harry Anslinger found work for those alcohol prohibition agents when booze came back……the war on drugs.

    I propose a war on rape. Those ex- drug warriors will already have the skills needed to set up the bozos with stings. They can go right to work infiltrating fraternities, athletic teams, hollywood, PUA and Gamester sites etc. The opportunities are endless. The would be rapists are literally daring to be stung, they feel invulnerable and are not very smart. Why wait for the end of the wars on drugs and terrorists? Do it now!

  3. ludicrous says

    I should change my log in name, I’m not trying to be ludicrous here. Why not declare war on rape? Aren’t there thousands of times more victims than these other so-called wars, some of which don’t even many actual victims. Seems to me just advocating a war could send a useful message even if not much significant happened with law enforcement.

    What? a war on rape? but but what if some innocent guys who wouldn’t normally rape get enticed to try it by a sting operation? Oh boo boo hoo. Wouldn’t ‘normally’ but could be teased into it. Oh boo hoo hoo Helpless in the onslaught of their urges, poor things. Oh, wait, I guess they could keep themselves safe by always making sure they have real consent.

  4. carolw says

    How many is it going to take? I thought he might fess up or lawyer up after a dozen. Then it was twenty. Then thirty. My goddess, how many women did that fucker rape? “America’s dad,” my lily-white tush.

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