An oppressor and a threat to free speech

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown provides us with another discussion of bogus accusations of “political correctness.”

In truth, it is racism that is the forbidden subject. If you object to that evil, you are “politically correct”, an oppressor and a threat to free speech. Missiles are fired at those of us who speak up. Some internet abuse is worse than being spat at. I am told by some leading lights that preference for one’s own sort is “natural” and that minorities have been spoilt by having protective laws and “special privileges”.

Same old same old same old, eh? You should just deal with it; you don’t get special favors; you don’t want equality you want to be dominanat; yadda yadda.

I blame the minorities, too, for the vulnerable state we are in. Islamicist separatism and now Isis terrorism have turned good people off diversity. The anti-white prejudices within some Asian families are mortifying. Grooming gangs have destroyed young girls and also cohesion and mutual trust between the brown and white Britons.

We are also frighteningly vulnerable because anti-racists have given up on the struggle, unlike feminists or those fighting for gay rights. The Equalities and Human Rights Commission is, frankly, moribund and we could, but don’t, use the web to campaign against racial prejudices. Where is our Peter Tatchell? Where, indeed, is the next generation Anthony Lester, the human rights supremo who pushed through race relations legislation?

Britain could be an exemplary rainbow nation with a place for everyone. A few years back, we thought it was. It no longer is. In a globalised world, that is bad news, even for racists.

Andrew Sullivan – got anything to add?


  1. allosteric says

    Just because the “PC Thought Police” don’t actually exist doesn’t mean they don’t exist in the minds of racists. Funny how some so-called skeptics love to poke fun at people who believe in chupacabra and Bigfoot but then turn around and talk as if PC thought police and feminazis and “PC run amok” actually exist. They want so badly for them to exist that they try to enlist Twitter to help them find them.

  2. sonofrojblake says

    I blame the minorities, too, for the vulnerable state we are in. […]. The anti-white prejudices within some Asian families are mortifying.

    Interesting use of privilege there.

  3. md says

    racism is a forbidden subject?

    come on people, turn on MSNBC sometime. Just last week Chris Matthews compared Georgia to Apartheid era South Africa.

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