Where women and girls are tagged with a price

Via Ghaffar Husain of Quilliam: The Islamic State puts price tags on women, literally, and sells them.

By the end of August, the Islamic State had abducted up to 2,500 Iraqi civilians, most of them women and children, according to a new United Nations report based on more than 450 interviews with witnesses.

Some have been awarded to fighters, others sold as slaves in markets in Mosul, Iraq, and Raqqa, Syria.

There were several reports of an office in Mosul where women and girls are tagged with a price and offered for sale to buyers.

That’s done with Allah’s blessing, is it? That’s the kind of submission Allah has in mind?

One Yazidi girl told the U.N. she was taken prisoner after her village was attacked on Aug. 3. She said she was raped several times before she was sold at a market.

In another incident in early August, up to 500 women were taken by the militants as they swept through a Yazidi village in northwestern Iraq. Two days later, 150 of them, mostly from Yazidi and Christian communities, were sold as sex slaves or awarded to Islamic State fighters in Syria.

Because they’re things, and enemy things at that. Allah’s fan club can treat them anyway they want; Allah told them so, according to them.


  1. quixote says

    No words. Just no words.

    I wonder if maybe these horrible savages will end by finally convincing everyone else that you really do have to separate religion and state.

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    What barbarians – they don’t even follow “Old Testament” rules of slavemongering!

  3. Pierre Masson says

    One has to wonder who is doing the buying… presumably other Sunni Muslims in that area of Irak or Syria???

  4. leni says

    One has to wonder who is doing the buying

    I wondered that too. I was trying to imagine living in a world where my neighbors, maybe our children played together, maybe we’re even friends, came home one day with new slaves. Or my brother. Or my cousin. Or my husband. I can’t even understand that. Do they tell themselves they’ll be kinder than the people they’re buying slaves from?

    They’re also using little boys as meat shields. So fucking sickening. How can people see this and still believe there is a god who gives a shit about their parking spot or diabetes or football game?

  5. Karen Hardin says

    @ Quixote #1

    Christians already did that once. Read abou the 80 Years War. That was what split the province that at one time the part of the Low Countries ruled by the Spanish Hapsburgs into the Netherlands-Protestant-mostly-Calvinist and Belgium-mostly-catholic-we’re-talking-Spain-during-the-inquisition. During and after this war is when the Netherlands got its reputation for religious tolerance. It ended in 1648.

    Then there was the Thirty Years War. Fought mostly in the Germanies between the Protestants and the Catholics. It totally devastated the region. One of the most famous horrors was the sack of Magdaburg in 1631. Mercenaries all over, living off the peasants, peasant rebellion, etc. It, too, ended in 1648.

    After it was done the various Christian realms decided to confine their squabbles to a war of words, not blood.

  6. says

    After it was done the various Christian realms decided to confine their squabbles to a war of words, not blood.

    After 1648!?!? Christians have been peacefully non-violent and non-sectarian since then?

  7. Pierce R. Butler says

    Karen Hardin @ # 5 – The war which ended in 1648 is now called the 30 Years War; the nastiness between the Dutch and the Spanish was a separate business.

    And, as Marcus Ranum points out rather vaguely, Christiandom has hardly been at peace with itself since then. My esteemed but distant kinfolk in Ulster have provided the most recent example, but various factions in The Former Yugoslavia™ outdid them in body count not long before.

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