Guest post: The passion burns brighter

Originally a comment by Krasnaya Koshka on Feminist atheists are divisive!!1

When I was a Young White Lesbian, I fought for a lot of YWL shit. I had severe myopia. But I was, at least, fighting for something not already included in my everyday life.

Then I had a Black gf. Wow wow wow, there were a lot of things I’d never even had to consider before. Like, she would go into a motel near Disneyland and be turned down for a room. I would go in, with purple hair, and be given a key. We’d both, then, go to the front counter and just look at the clerk. Just look. WTF?

This video (I did watch it in its entirety) is embarrassing. For Jaclyn. It makes me think she’s never lived as a minority, at all. And, I will be ageist here, ahoy, she’s probably not run into any problems for being simply atheist.

She may coast the borders of being wholly acceptable her whole life and may never learn. I hope, for her, she does learn because the passion burns brighter and life is much better when you are actually fighting FOR something.


  1. Bobby Reed says

    If that really happened to you, you would have had grounds for a lawsuit against the motel/motel chain. Businesses get in serious trouble for doing what you just described, and the fact that you, as a self-proclaimed fighter for “YWL” shit makes me skeptical of the event as you’ve described it. Why wouldn’t you have followed up? Why would you have still stayed at a place like that rather than going to the nearest lawyer and bringing the company down to its knees?

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