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The legal staff at American Atheists is doing a live ask questions thing about the Hobby Lobby ruling in 50 minutes from now, 7 pm Eastern time, 4 my time, midnight UK time.

Update: here is the video link.

I know what I want to ask. On p 3 of the Hobby Lobby ruling we are told that the purpose of granting rights to corporations is to protect the rights of people associated with the corporation, including shareholders, officers and employees. What’s to prevent a group of shareholders and/or employees from counter-suing to seek protection for *their* rights?

Why do the putative rights of the owners of Hobby Lobby get to trump the rights of all those other people? There’s bound to be a cacophony of religious beliefs in play, including zero religious beliefs; what can be the rationale for protecting some at the expense of all the others?

Photo: Live TONIGHT at 7 PM Eastern. Please share!</p>
<p>American Atheists legal staff will answer your questions on streaming video. Tweet your questions live to hashtag #AskAtheists and check this space for the link to the video stream. You can also visit for the embedded video, coming shortly.</p>
<p>The U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in the Hobby Lobby case today has legal implications that reach far beyond the scope of reproductive rights and health care access. All Americans lost today.</p>
<p>Hobby Lobby, and many companies like it, will now seek to deny all sorts of civil rights if their owners can use religious excuses as a legal justification.</p>
<p>More info coming soon. See you at 7.


  1. Annette says

    Isn’t birth control typically included with the other medications that the insurance carrier covers? If so, how is Hobby Lobby able to exclude that handful of meds, esp. when many women take BC pills for a variety of health issues and not even as contraception? And what’s to stop a company from saying they won’t cover any other medication? They could decide it’s “God’s will” that you have heart disease, COPD, etc., and that you are prolonging your earthly existence.

  2. Blanche Quizno says

    I would ask them how Hobby Lobby can refuse to fund contraception coverage for its female employees when Hobby Lobby invests in companies that produce contraceptives. Wouldn’t the contraception coverage for its female employees be good for business all around in this case?

  3. says

    It says Amanda Knief, but the image shows Dave Muscato.

    Dave “Maybe wearing the wrong clothes causes rape” Muscato.

    Dave “Maybe there are bad reasons to get abortions” Muscato.

    They really need to either educate everyone on staff about women’s rights or reign in their members.

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