1. busterggi says

    Oh sure, that makes it look as though vaccines work but no matter how many vaccines a person has they still end up dead from something – that gives them a morbidity rate of 100%!

    (Modus isn’t here is he?)

  2. jamessweet says

    One of the classic sneaky tricks is to show a graph of mortality rather than morbidity, and argue that it was improvements in hygiene and health care that made the difference. And indeed, the mortality from a lot of these diseases began to plummet dramatically even before the vaccines were introduced.

    Because, you know, being left sterile for life by the measles is no big. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And possibly impotent.

  3. Kevin Kehres says

    @2: Nietzsche was wrong. Whatever doesn’t kill you probably leaves you disabled.

  4. Claire Ramsey says

    Sure whatever doesn’t kill you makes you impotent, or deaf, or blind, or deaf and blind, heart damaged so potentially earlier death, syndromes of dangerous painful things years later. We need to keep talking about this all the time and we need examples and images of the damage that shit like small pox, pertussis and other deadly diseases can do.

  5. zubanel says

    Really what doesn’t kill doesn’t kill you. That’s about all you can rely on.

  6. Bjarte Foshaug says

    But.. but.. but.. MOMMY INSTINCT!!!

    Vaccines may lead to a 100% decrease in small pox, but that doesn’t outweigh the hypothetical possibility that they could lead to an immeasurably tiny increase in autism in spite of what all the available evidence seems to suggest.

  7. suttkus says

    Look, it was obviously improvements in hygiene that caused all these diseases to become less dangerous. Don’t you remember how everyone started washing their hands more in 1995 which was, BY SHEER COINCIDENCE, also when the Varicella vaccine was introduced in the US? Every one of those vaccines, introduced in different years over a span of about sixty years, was accompanied by a coincidental sudden improvement in hygiene related to that particular disease. Amazing, right?

    Also, since diseases are spreading in areas with a lot of unvaccinated people, we must conclude that anti-vaccers are dirty, dirty people. Probably don’t cover their mouths when they sneeze.

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