Facebook you are EVIL

Facebook restored the murderous Uganda Youth Coalition Against Homosexuality page and its murderous photos. It RESTORED them.



Status This photo was restored
Details Thank you for taking the time to report something that you feel may violate our Community Standards. Reports like yours are an important part of making Facebook a safe and welcoming environment. The account that posted this has been restored, so this post might be visible on Facebook again. If you still think it violates our Community Standards, please report it again.

Why do I have to report it again you stupid fucks? WHY DID YOU PUT IT BACK?


  1. Andrew B. says

    Apparently bludgeoning people to death with rocks doesn’t constitute “graphic violence.”

  2. Juliana Ewing says

    Whoa, now it’s down again? And Facebook took away the notification that was just there on my dashboard saying they had put it back up again.

  3. Thumper: Token Breeder says

    Some good news: I just searched for them and the search returned no results. Maybe it’s been taken down?

  4. Pierce R. Butler says

    Ophelia Benson @ # 8: … it’s going up & down like an elevator.

    Rebecca Watson, Rebecca Watson to the white courtesy phone, STAT!

  5. zenlike says

    I’ve basically given up on reporting anything on Facebook or YouTube or the like. Apparently someone putting in a comment that they literally want to kill members of a minority group doesn’t violate community standards. Well, fuck that kind of community.

  6. zenlike says

    Damn, and now I realise my comment might sound that I’m discouraging other people to report, or pooh-poohing the fact that other people waste their time doing something unproductive.

    And that’s not what I wanted to say at all: please everyone: keep reporting, keep exposing the toxic wastage, keep shining a light on all the odiousness, keep kicking the footstool from under the bigots’ arses.

  7. Tim Harris says

    I agree about the disgraceful mess that is ‘Facebook’ -but nevertheless think that that photograph and the accompanying tweet or twitter or instigation to murder should be publicised as widely as possible so that people who might not otherwise do so take notice.

  8. says

    If someone uses the phone to make obscene or harassing phone calls, a phone company turns over the numbers and records of the obscene callers when cops asked for them.

    If facebook were a phone company, it would be cutting off the phones of police tip lines and women’s shelters, then publishing books of single women’s phone numbers and mailing them to those who harass and threaten.

  9. jesse says

    Well, to be sort-of-fair, the way FB works is that the Ugandan Youth Coalition cold be putting the page back up and having FB engage in a whack-a-mole game.

    That is, you report the page. FB’s software says “page reported, let’s see if anyone really complains.” Someone does, and a real human — maybe — takes the page down.

    Then the group that set up the page either just reconstitutes it or appeals to FB, which of course has such a process because it’s necessary (after all you wouldn’t want people complaining about atheists to get your page taken down and have no recourse either) so because the whole thing is (as above) mostly automated, we get to go through the whole process again. And no, in these situations the FB employee who took the page down at the start has not communicated with the other FB employee who is dealing with it now, and likely both are in some call center-type deal in India or the Philippines and not even reading the complaints. (Odds are, to de-skill the process further, it’s just an inbox that pings to say “complaint” or something like).

    I am nt saying any o this is correct, right or whatever, jut being realistic. I don’t know how much describes the actual operations of FB, which has a history of zero transparency that would do Goldman Sachs proud.

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