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Now for some video that’s not Pete Seeger singing. Channel 4 did a piece on Maajid Nawaz and Jesus and Mo and Mo Shafiq this evening. And what did they do in the process? They covered up Mo.

The journalist who gave a brief background explained, “We’ve taken the decision to cover up the depiction of Mohammed so that we don’t cause offense to some viewers.”

So they caused offense to some other viewers, who find it highly offensive to give in to the petulant demands of reactionary religious bigots.

She talked to Chris Moos after that. Then Jon Snow said that Nick Clegg is meeting tomorrow with “dozens of Muslim groups” who are offended by Maajid’s tweet to discuss the matter.

Dozens? Dozens of groups? That sounds exaggerated. But besides that the whole thing just sounds like a horrendous train wreck. He needs to tell them to stop being so bossy, deal with it, and go away. But he won’t.

Update: Never mind.

I should have watched the whole thing before I posted. (I hate watching videos. I get so impatient.) Somebody must have whispered in Jon Snow’s ear while Shafiq was ranting. He interrupted him to inform him that Clegg says tomorrow’s meeting was scheduled long ago and he has no intention of discussing this issue. Whew. That’s a relief. Shafiq looked very disconcerted for a second.


  1. Shatterface says

    He interrupted him to inform him that Clegg says tomorrow’s meeting was scheduled long ago and he has no intention of discussing this issue.

    He should discuss the issue – and make an unambiguous statement that he stands by free speech.

  2. Shatterface says

    They covered up Mo.

    They turned him into a black faceless blob.

    Maybe that’s how Channel 4 sees his followers.

  3. kbplayer says

    The usual Channel 4 thing is to say “some of our viewers may find these scenes disturbing” when they’re showing scenes from war zones and the like, which is fair enough. They could have given a similar warning if they were worried about some people’s sensitivities.

    . A lot of Channel 4 output is a stomach churning, and not for the sensitive including me – I’m still furious from many points of view that they gave Ahmadinejad a spot as the alternative queen’s speech, however “ironic” they were being . What double-standard creeps they are.

    Nick Cohen has been going on for ever about how the transgressive and edgy suddenly turn into Victorian matrons at the drop of a hijab.

    Fuck ’em.

  4. sacharissa says

    At least Snow challenged Shafiq pretty heavily. He asked him how he could presume to speak for the “Muslim Community”. At least Nawaz only said that he personally was not offended. He didn’t try to dictate.

    Interesting that C4 had no regard whatsoever for the offence Christians might feel at the sight of a satirical image of Jesus. Lots of Christians hate that kind of thing and complain about the double standard with Islam. Many Christian traditions also forbid images of Jesus but they are expected to put up with the fact that others create such images, whether the intent is respectful or otherwise.

    If C4 want to censor they should at least be honest and put up a statement saying, “We at Channel 4 have censored this image because we fear for the personal safety of our staff and the staff of British embassies in Muslim countries if we show this cartoon image.


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