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I’ve no time to excerpt or annotate now because I have to read and read and read and read, but in the meantime – you should know about Mike Booth’s NINE PART demolition of Phil Mason aka Thunderfoot’s rape-apology video. It starts here and goes on for EIGHT MORE which is dedication beyond the whatsit.

(Mike Booth, in case you’ve forgotten, is Some Grey Bloke and Dan Cardamon – not the actor in Dan Cardamon but the author of him.)

One favorite, from part 9:

The inflection Thunderf00t is using at this point is known in acting circles as “Can you dial the condescension back a bit because nobody talks like that?”


  1. PatrickG says

    And two minutes to go, according to Part 9.

    I wanted to leave a comment over there, but it’s requiring me to use a google account… not comfortable. But in the hopes he’ll read it here, I would have typed:

    At some point during this series I had to start laughing or forfeit my sanity. I was finally reduced to depressive giggling by the power of one word in post 8. That word?


    My sentiments exactly.

  2. says

    What these analogies try to do is give the impression that just by taking simple, reasonable precautions, you can be as safe from rape as you can be from having your house broken into. Of course, houses get broken into despite locks, and people get mugged whether or not they’re flashing their cash around in depressed neighbourhoods – but we shouldn’t stretch Thunderf00t’s analogies too far or they might start to look shit.

    That’s from part 2.

  3. ApostateltsopA says

    One commentator hit an important note, I think in section 6 or 7, if the rapist is a home robber who is the home owner, who the home and who the stuff?

    To paraphrase a friend, analogies comparing rape to property destruction or loss are beyond disgusting.

    Then again those last two words sum up my feelings on Phil pretty well these days.

  4. rnilsson says

    Not being quite a classicist, it still appears to me that “Phil” means friend and “Mason” is someone who lays bricks.
    So, by similar “logic” to “Tenderf00l”, he is someone very friendly with layers of bricks.
    And that is intended as a multi-layered-ambiguous cake.
    Wish he could just stick that in his mouth, instead of all the left feet.

    Some Grey Bloke: Good job, Sir! (Will watch shortly:)

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