1. A. Noyd says

    It looks like he’s got some sort of secret, remote controlled sex toy action going on under his cassock. And I’m not just saying that to be crude.

  2. angharad says

    @Marie-Thérèse – the buttons go all the way down – he’s just wearing a white sash around his middle which covers up some of them.

  3. says

    Ah, now I see – it’s a white soutane that has all the buttons going down the front with a special papal sash. Thanks for pointing it out.

    You believe in what?

    Dressing down. Cutting the cloth to suit the garment. And standing up to turncoats like you.

    An aside: The head tailor of the family that has been dressing pontiffs for centuries, ran a lint brush over the white cassock that Pope Francis wore at his installation Mass. He clipped stray threads with shears and yelled at a priest who bent down to kiss the hem. (“Don’t dirty it!”). He then meticulously folded the frock, wrapped it in tissue paper and packed it into a silver box for delivery to the Vatican. I wonder did he know at the time that the new pope’s inclination was towards pared-down style – which could be bad news, not only for prelates who like to dress up, but also clothing purveyors of the ilk of the head tailor who clothe him.

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