LSE students twin with theocracy

Well guess what the LSE Student Union has spent its afternoon doing. It spent it discussing a Motion to “Twin the LSE with the Islamic University of Gaza.” Abhishek Phadnis was there.

I spoke against the Motion, saying I was non-committal on the support of Palestine but strongly opposed to any alliance with the Islamic University of Gaza, on account of it being inseparably intertwined with Hamas and having as its stated aim the reformation of Islamic societies “in line with the revolutionary side of religion”; the wish of its founder, Hamas’s Ahmed Yassin.

Yes the “revolutionary side of religion” that’s all about stripping women of all rights while muffling them in yards of cloth.

But Abhishek might as well have saved his breath to cool his porridge; the motion passed with only five No votes.

Secular education? Pffffff. That’s only for “Westerners; everyone else needs theocracy. Maryam calls this the racism of low expectations.


  1. 'dirigible says

    Holy shit that’s terrible.

    It’s not just the racism of low expectations, it’s the colonialism of volunteers.

  2. Simon says

    Agree that aligning with Islamic University of Gaza is a bad idea.

    But “Non-committal on the support of Palestine”? And this person is Secretary of the Atheist, Secularist, Humanist & Ex-Muslim Society at LSE?


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