An inspirational moment

The Family Research Council thinks Uganda’s commitment to hatred of gays is just the best thing ever.

Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has taken up the challenge of national repentance by promising passage of the “Kill the Gays” legislation as a “Christmas gift”to the people of Uganda.

Naturally, Christian conservative leaders in the U.S. are thrilled with what FRC has called an “inspirational moment for the [Ugandan] nation.” As Alvin McEwen pointed out, FRC President Tony Perkins tweeted a big, warm hug to President Museveni for “leading his nation in repentance” and thus helping to create a “nation prospered by God.” But Perkins’ tweet was an hors d’oeuvre for the main course, a November 26 email alert sent out to FRC subscribers entitled, “During Revival, Media Still Atone Deaf.” As the title suggests, one target of the longer commendation of Museveni is the mainstream media in the U.S. which, having drawn attention to violations of LGBT peoples’ human rights in Uganda, is accused of being “so threatened by religion that it refuses to leave another country alone to pursue its own views on sexuality and faith.”

Ah yes “views.” Views. That’s all it is – just views. Just opinions. Just dissent, disagreement, seeing things differently. Who could possibly object? Why do those horrible liberal people in the liberal media object to Uganda having “its own views on sexuality and faith”? Because they’re horrible-liberal.

Other Christian Right leaders and pastors have seen fertile ground for their own religious agendas and enterprises in African nations — notable among them the organization known as “the Fellowship” or “the Family,” which operates the famed “C Street house” in Washington, D.C., a residence for right-wing senators and congressmen — and they’ve often lauded the human rights violators who carry out those designs.

For its part, the Family Research Council, which has been designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center for its “demonizing lies about the LGBT community,” continues to heap praise on President Museveni’s theocratic aspirations. In its email alert, FRC quotes liberally from Museveni’s speech and notes that Uganda “has stood — often alone — for traditional values, abstinence, and families despite tremendous pressure from the West.”

They’re doing intertheocratic work.


  1. Rodney Nelson says

    Tony Perkins is jealous because the Ugandans might be able to kill the people he’d like to have killed.

  2. bobo says

    This is another great example of how lots of hateful talk directly ends in people from the hated group getting killed!

  3. mouse says

    It really angers me that we see this happen before our very eyes.

    It also angers me that if I post this on Facebook I have to expect a bunch of “whoah there! Not all Christians are like that! I teach my kid that God is love!” Takes his kid to an anti-gay sermon the next Sunday. Calls me extreme for pointing out that religion is largely how this kind of behavior arises.

  4. Francisco Bacopa says

    The SPLC and the work of the late James Rachels are the best thing that has come out of Alabama in a long time.

    I totally recommend The End of Life by Rachels. Mind blown. Helps to have some formal teaching in analytic philosophy or metaethics, but I think the book can be understood by the general reader.

  5. Beatrice says

    This makes me so angry. Discrimination is bad enough, but here we are talking about imprisoning and killing people! Calling it a (Christmas) “gift” and “inspiration”, admiring the government trying to enforce this law is just vile.

  6. Rieux says

    In tangentially related news, the Supreme Court has agreed to hear the appeal of the Ninth Circuit’s decision invalidating California’s Proposition 8.

    This invalidates the first part of the argument I made in this post, which was a comment that Ophelia elevated ten months ago.

    Looks like it’s all up to Anthony Kennedy now—though I wonder whether he’ll notice that, with Maine, Maryland, Washington, and Minnesota’s votes last month, the country stands an awfully good chance of passing him by on the road to legal gay marriage.

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