A reprieve

There is one bit of good news, or not really exactly good, but a delay of bad

The Parliament of Uganda is about to go on Christmas holiday, returning in February, and the Kill The Gays bill is slated to be taken up then. The Parliament has a daily business list, called the “order paper” which shows what legislation is to be considered and in what order. The Kill The Gays bill was number one on that list, but superseded by an important and contentious oil and gas bill. Remarkably, the Kill The Gays bill, known also as the Anti-Homosexuality bill, has dropped in importance to number seven.

That’s a few weeks more to oppose the bill.



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    So the homophobes didn’t get their Christmas present – but they’ll be back in February. So we must keep on fighting. How about a Valentines Day wish to LGBT people in Uganda – we care about you!

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    Wanna bet this thing is gonna linger on the order paper, never quite getting enacted, but never quite getting deep-sixed either? So they can look all bigotted to the bigots, while never having to face the full music of Western disapproval.

    Oh and while I’m posting, I just wanted to say: fuck the motherfucking pope.

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