Oh hey gee what do you know, the US Conference of Catholic bishops is on Twitter. One can keep up with their theocratic doings so easily…

Here’s yesterday’s press release. It’s about their plans to pray for success at imposing their filthy theocratic laws on the entire US population.

The Administrative Committee of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), at its March 13-14 meeting in Washington, called for a nationwide prayer campaign for protection of religious freedom and conscience rights from several threats, including the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services mandate that forces employers, including religious ones, to provide contraception/sterilization in their health plans.

What about my religious freedom? What about my conscience rights? And by “my” I mean those of people like me, who don’t agree with your arbitrary retrograde vicious ideas about contraception. I mean our religious freedom and conscience rights. I mean our right not to be governed by a group of Catholic bishops.

“We call upon the Catholic faithful, and all people of faith, throughout our country to join us in prayer and penance for our leaders and for the restoration of our First Freedom—religious liberty—which is not only protected in the laws and customs of our great Nation, but rooted in the teachings of our great Tradition,” the bishops said in “United for Religious Freedom” a March 14 statement. “Prayer is the ultimate source of our strength—for without God, we can do nothing; but with God, all things are possible.”

Their “freedom” to block the freedom of other people, is what they mean. Their “freedom” to prevent other people from getting contraception; their “freedom” to make it more difficult for other people to get contraception.

There is also of course their treasured “freedom” to try to compel all Catholic hospitals to refuse to provide life-saving abortions. There is their treasured “freedom” to conceal child rape from law enforcement, and to demand the right to deal with child rape according to canon law instead of the secular law of the relevant country.

I’d better take some deep breaths before I read any more of their press releases.


  1. mnb0 says

    You don’t understand. Protection of religious freedom means protecting the freedom that religious organizations like USCCB enjoy to tell atheists what and what not to do, specifically what their consciences should suggest. It does not mean the atheist right to stay free of religious meddling. Religious freedom certainly says nothing about the rights atheists should have, simply because atheists are not, well, religious. The only exception is when religious people want to debunk atheism, then suddenly atheism ís a religion.
    In other words, religious freedom resembles the freedom white people enjoyed in South-Africa until Mandela took over.
    Got it now?

  2. sc_f75ce50fe19c4c22bd7823b79a49e5a9 says

    Have I told you yet how much I love your fire and passion? You rock! I am meeting some women today to try to create action against AZ’s employer permission slips for BC law. This will not stand!

  3. 'Tis Himself, OM says

    It’s very aggravating how various religious people insist that other who do not follow their particular dogma still have to abide by it. The Catholic bishops and contraception, certain Muslims and drawing Mohammed, Bill O’Reilly and the proper way to celebrate Christmas, just to name a few examples.

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