What’s the cure for lesbianism? Rape, of course!

From this story:

“Lesbians living in South Africa are being subjected to ‘corrective rape’ and severe violence by men trying to ‘cure’ them of their sexual orientation, human rights groups have said.”

Obviously a woman who isn’t attracted to men will see the error in her ways once she’s brutally raped! Who wouldn’t love men after that?

The “logic” behind acts like this just amazes me. It’s bad enough that people think you can cure homosexuality at all – or that even if you could, that it needs curing. But it takes some twisted thinking to believe rape will have any sort of positive outcome. And I hate to say this, but it makes me wonder if these men are just looking for an excuse. Would they rape anyway, and now they just have easy targets? Does raping a straight woman = bad, while raping a lesbian = teaching her a lesson for the good of society?

People amaze me sometimes…and not in a good way.

Naming a Blog

This is why I haven’t come up with a good name yet:

Me: What would you name my blog?
Ben: Name it Pikachu rapes Charmander while licking Bolbasaur when he eats Jigglypuff in her ass, in which she is pooping Squirtel, who is squirting (you know what) Dido, who is cross dressed as Alakazam, who is peeing on Meowth; MEOW!
Me: What the FUCKKKK XD
Ben: No?
Me: Is it bad that I find the most disturbing part of that description to be the fact that Dido is with Pokemon?
Ben: Isn’t Dido a Pokemon, why is it disturbing?
Me: Dido is a singer?
Ben: No, Dido is the Pokemon that changes into other Pokemon
Me: You mean Ditto? Aahahhahahahaaa
Ben: What? I don’t know Pokemon

In retrospect, the blatant mispelling of Pokemon names upsets me the most. What does this say about me? Hmm…