Prepare to rage

More in the vein of “keep your legs closed, ladies”:

Rush Limbaugh weighed in on the contraception hearings taking place in the House of Representatives, taking particular aim at Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke who testified about the importance of contraception coverage for the women at religiously affiliated organizations — like law students at Jesuit schools such as herself. Limbaugh’s take on the issue:

“What does it say….that she essentially says that she must be paid to have sex. What does that make her? It makes her a slut, right?It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex. She’s having so much sex, she can’t afford the contraception. She wants you and me and the tax payers to pay her to have sex. What does that make us? The pimps.”

In her testimony, Fluke was talking about hormonal contraception, and specifically about the medical reasons for having hormonal contraception beyond preventing pregnancies.

Audio here. I’ve got nothin’, folks. Just remember thousands millions of people agree with this misogynist asshole, and they vote.


  1. ischemgeek says

    Well, then he won’t be opposed to pulling coverage for Viagra, right? Never mind that it can be used to treat medical conditions, if a man wants his Viagra covered, he’s a prostitute!

  2. unbound says

    A city I used to live in would put in the paper the names of men arrested for looking to have sex with a prostitute (basically, caught in a sting operation). Using Limbaugh’s own logic, I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t be publishing the names of all males that order Viagra as men looking to have sex with prostitutes.

  3. smhlle says

    Students might be poor examples, because their healthcare may actually be funded by taxpayers. So let’s stick to talking about employees of Catholic organizations. They work for a salary plus benefits, but their employer wants to skimp on the benefits. (It’s just shocking to me how quickly the discussion falls back into “I’m not going to pay for it” when overall this is not about making taxpayers shell out more. (And besides, preventive medicine tends to pay for itself by reducing future costs.)

  4. says

    She’s having so much sex, she can’t afford the contraception.

    He’s among those idiots who think more sex = more pills. IT DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY, YOU RIDICULOUS PIECE OF SHIT.

  5. Andrew B. says

    “What does it say….that she essentially says that she must be “paid to have sex.”

    All you have to say is that the above statement is bullshit, and therefore the remaining statements are bullshit. Case closed.

  6. says

    Rush Limbaugh’s mouth seems to be like the valve at the distal end of a sanitation system. The moment it is opened, out gargles excrement-laden sewage. Sadly, there is no disinfecting treatment before it reaches the general public. Of course, that does speak volumes of the demographic which hangs on to his every word…

    Sometimes I wonder how he was as a child.

  7. julian says

    Prepared to rage?

    Bah! I am in a perpetual state of rage. I know fucks who take this sack of shit seriously.

  8. says

    She wants you and me and the tax payers to pay her to have sex. What does that make us? The pimps

    Recognizing that the accuracy of his statement is SO NOT THE ISSUE, I would still like to point out that if we are paying someone to have sex, then we are not pimps. We are johns. Of course, telling Rush Limbaugh to be accurate is like telling a fish to tapdance – he’s just not physically capable.

  9. Josh Benton says

    “…She wants you and me and the tax payers to pay her to have sex. What does that make us? The pimps.”

    By most conventional definitions that would makes us Johns, not pimps, Rush.

  10. F says

    “What does it say….that she essentially says that she must be paid to have sex.

    Uh, immediate fail.

    Information goes in, words come out. Always a miscommunication.

  11. Josh Benton says

    Bugger. Beaten by two minutes. I guess that’s what I get for not doing a final refresh before posting.

  12. says

    Gotta wake up pretty early in the morning to best me, Josh! Wherever prostitution is being inaccurately represented, there you shall find me! Ever vigilant, ever present.

  13. says

    I know this really isn’t hugely important, but free hormonal birth control reduces the cost of health insurance. Babies are expensive (to have and to raise). Not having babies is cheaper.

    So women aren’t being “paid to have sex.” They are saving people money – and possibly having sex.

    Obviously this is outrageous to the right. Women? Being responsible adults? What, next you’ll say they can vote and have rights.

  14. Raphael says

    So the fact that I have regular health insurance makes me a pro at getting into traffic accidents?

  15. ButchKitties says

    Wait, you mean it doesn’t work that way? And here I was getting all excited to file a price gouging suit against my pharmacy for always charging me the same price no matter how much or how little sex I’ve been having.

  16. Raphael says

    “Information goes in, words come out.” … You can’t explain that! How da information got there?

  17. Raphael says

    Just how many of the folks on the Right think that? I mean, he’s apparently the second one after the nursing-student-who-had-a-cold from a while back.

  18. Mocha says

    I just…I don’t know how to even respond to that. I think I’m killing my brain trying to follow his logic.

  19. dobby says

    Limbaugh has been married four times and has no children. Do you think none of them wanted to get in bed with him? Or were there contraceptives used? What a hypocrite.

  20. Katalina says

    I have started typing and subsequently deleted about 5 different comments, but there’s just no response to this type of absolute insanity. How can you respond to something that is just so nonsensical? It’s almost hard to even be upset/insulted, because it just doesn’t make any sense!

  21. Ysanne says

    Hormonal contraception kills some women’s libido.
    By Rush’s logic, he should raise money to buy the pill for them, so they stay pure and chaste just out of disinterest.

  22. cry4turtles says

    I’m still trying to figure out how these sluts are getting paid. I took birth control for decades and no one ever paid me for sex. Guess I was one of the sluts that gave it away :)

  23. Bill Door says

    So, the main mistakes, as highlighted in this post, are:

    – assuming women wouldn’t have sex without birth control
    – assuming price of birth control depends on how often they have sex
    – calling women who have sex frequently ‘sluts’
    – confusing ‘slut’ with ‘prostitute’
    – confusing Johns and Pimps

    and most importantly

    – Listening to anything Rush Limbaugh says.

  24. Eric RoM says

    Let’s look on the bright side: SOME of Rush’s women followers (they must exist, right) will have finally thrown in the towel on this most recent shitfest.

  25. Blue Duck says

    There have been rumors for years that all of his wives have been beards. So, either he is a closeted gay man, or his wives have using contraception. Either way, Rushbo is a hypocritical jerk. Surprise, surprise.

  26. Blue Duck says

    Yes I’d say that sums it up nicely. And what is it with these right wing weirdoes that they seem to think that the birth control pill is like viagra – gotta take one every time one has sex. I seem to recall Bill O’Liely had a similar misconception. These guys are either dumber than a box of rocks, or they know better and are merrily lying their heads off.

  27. ginger k says

    WTF does the cokehead Rush say about men like him who pop Viagra like tic-tacs? Are these men “paid for sex?” Are they prostitutes too?!

  28. Pteryxx says

    I guess when the only allowed sex education is “abstinence-only” and you’ve run every women’s health clinic and Planned Parenthood out of town, you end up with grown adults that are this freakin’ ignorant (and whole audiences who don’t know any better than to believe them).

  29. Usernames are stupid says

    …or consider that anything this drug-addled, obese douche says is crap and call it good.

  30. says

    My suggestion, stop trying to follow random nonsense from a fuckwit like Limbaugh like it is logic and read it for what it is, random nonsense from a fuckwit like Limbaugh.

  31. says

    It’s like a giant red button with the sign reading DO NOT PRESS OR YOU WILL KILL ALL THE BUNNIES IN THE WORLD above it.

    I pressed. Bunnies are dead. Rage ensues.

  32. says

    Calling her a slut and a prostitute sounds to me like an open and shut case of libel. I hope some enterprising lawyer gets in touch with her and makes his life a legal hell.

  33. MichaelD says

    Not the bunnehs :(!!!!!!!!

    I raged when I first read about this but now its more mild depression…

  34. says

    I don’t think we need to avoid talking about anyone—and by the way, students do pay for health insurance—but yes, this is the most important point. Women have already paid for these benefits, by working and paying into the system. Attempts to get their coverage dropped are a back door way to get them to pay twice.

  35. Rieux says

    The book that first made (the post-Saturday Night Live) Al Franken famous was called Rush Limbaugh is a Bug Fat Idiot. It contained a short biography of Limbaugh. I don’t recall much of it, but I do remember that he went by “Rusty” and was obese. Anyway, that’s the source to consult.

  36. DaveyGTi says

    I wish I was having so much sex I couldn’t afford the contraception, but alas, condoms are crap and orgies are elusive.

  37. Andrew says

    Is there a way to contact Sandra Fluke and thank her for being willing to testify and thus for having to put with this kind of moronic cruelty?

  38. nemothederv says

    “What does it say….that she essentially says that she must be paid to have sex.”

    Well Rush, this is not really about getting paid but if we were to stretch your questionable premise in a more accurate direction it would be about getting paid not to have children you can’t afford/don’t want.

    I think it goes without saying that those who cannot afford contraception aren’t going to be able to support a kid.

    Speaking of not having kids, you’ve married four times, not had any children and you’re against contraception? Anyone else find that a little suspicious? Of course, he couldn’t possibly be a hypocrite.
    *cough cough* OxyContin *cough*

  39. Zyzle says

    Fluke was talking about hormonal contraception, and specifically about the medical reasons for having hormonal contraception beyond preventing pregnancies.

    I’ve personally always found this type of argument in favour of hormonal contraceptives somewhat frustrating.

    Ok, yes there are perfectly good reasons for taking them other than wanting to have sex without worrying about getting pregnant but I cant help but feel this plays into the hands of the any sex that isn’t missionary position between a husband and wife for the sole purpose of having a baby is EVIL!! brigade (I believe in the US you refer to them as Republicans).

    I think it’s about time we got over the shock at the idea women might actually want to have sex, for you know, fun.

  40. Zyzle says

    Also I’m pretty sure Rushy is just jealous coz he hasn’t been gettin’ any for some time now.

  41. Anonymous Atheist says

    I often don’t remember exactly how Limbaugh’s name is supposed to be pronounced. After seeing this blog post, it was annoying me (something Limbaugh does in so many ways ;) ) so I looked at the pronunciation guide on the Wikipedia page about him. Its hint for the “augh” part is actually “au as in fraud”! That’ll help me remember, LOL.

  42. says

    In my post here, I tried to address how Fluke was trowing a huge subset of the population under the bus and that she could have easily made a strong argument that didn’t ignore all us sluts with otherwise well intentioned address to the panel. It makes sense to me why she chose the argument she chose. I just think she could have done better.

    I hope I did the hyperlinking text thing right. It was my first time ever trying.

  43. says

    Rush is not against contraception. People are free to do what they want, can’t be more American than that. Rush is not against a health insurance company offering contraception as a way to attract customers. They are free to do that.
    What he is against is the entitlement mentality that causes people who have jobs and can obviously afford $25 a month for YAS to be running around saying “you have to give it to me free.” The only commercialy available contraception I have ever heard him decry is “Abortion on demand”. And I can kinda agree that in a world where “the pill” is $25 a month that a $350 procedure where a developing embryo is sucked out of its mothers womb with a metal straw is not a good idea. It doesn’t make sence financially and it is kinda hard on said embryo. Im not saying it should never be done, I am saying it is cheaper and less traumatic to buy the damned YAS. And if you can’t afford the Yas, how do you afford the $350 for the doctor and the metal straw and suction machine? Oh, Somebody else pays for it? Yeah, that is what Rush (and I) have a problem with.

  44. says

    God damn it. Not only is there rage about this stupid misogynist asshole, and the fact that there are many people who agree with him, I have to scrub my mind clean because the term “Rush Limbaugh” and “sex” appear together. Fuck you world!

    I propose a new law. Every time one of this assholes has sex, for the next nine months that have to wear a bowling ball around their stomachs, then have to pass a grape through their urethra, and if by chance they didn’t get the wife, girlfriend or escort pregnant, then they would have to adopted a new born baby.

  45. WordsOfAWizard says

    what is this i dont even

    What he said is so stupid in so many ways that I can’t form a coherent response to it. That’s probably his debate tactic. It’s like the perfect mix of ignoring and misinterpreting data mixed with insults into a word-salad of nearly unreadable proportions.

  46. imnotspecial says

    More often than not, it is the guys who are pushing for sex, Rush! Why don’t you ask them to pay for the contraception? That will never come out of his mouth, of course.

  47. hieropants says

    If the cost of preventative medicine is too high, some people will weigh that against the risk of needing medical intervention later on and decide to chance it, whereas they would prioritize an immediate problem, even though they may find themselves in enormous amounts of debt.

    If your goal is to keep people healthy, productive, and financially secure enough to contribute to the economy, it makes perfect sense to keep the barrier to preventative medicine as low as possible so that people don’t need to make the choice between having enough money to pay the rent for the next month and being healthy enough not to spiral into medical bankruptcy in the next ten years. I would prefer it if there were no barriers to preventative medicine for anyone in this country, but at the very least insurance should cover preventative medicine for everyone who pays into it.

    All the Obama administration is doing is classifying birth control as a preventative medicine – considering the detrimental physical effects pregnancy has, as well as the long-term financial effects of raising a child, birth control certainly has the long-term benefits that other preventative medications do.

  48. P Smith says

    Does anyone remember where Limbaugh bought the viagra he was arrested for possessing?

    It was the Dominican Republic, one of the world’s “hotspots” for child sex tourism.

    Of course I’m not inferring that Limbaugh had sex with kids – no more than he was inferring that all women who want contraception are prostitutes. I’m merely pointing out two disparate facts. Just sayin’.


  49. Bill Door says

    then they would have to adopted a new born baby.

    These people should not be raising children. Or goldfish, for that matter.

  50. says

    Actually, YAZ costs far more than $25 a month. Also, THIS IS WHAT HEALTH INSURANCE IS FOR! Or at least partially. I make sure that all my insurance plans covers prescriptions, because a lot of medications are expensive as hell.

    Before I got fixed (my insurance covered that because a one time sterilization is WAY cheaper than pre-natal care, a delivery, and zillions of pediatric visits), my birth control pills which were on the cheap end of the spectrum, ran $35 a month WITH insurance. The Mirena IUD which can be left in place for up to five years costs upwards of $300.

    Whatever birth control actually costs, I can guaran-damn-tee you that it’s cheaper than what it costs the insurance companies for all the health care kids need.

    There is nothing “entitlement-minded” in expecting your health insurance to cover things related to your fucking health. Given what I pay in premiums, they should be performing cunnilingus on me in a regular basis.

  51. peter says

    Limbaugh is right when he says that she essentially says that she must be paid for something. He is wrong though about what she is paid for. She is subsidized for not making babies.

  52. jufulu says

    Here is the way I see it, everything covered by medical insurance can be considered an entitlement depending on how one feels about a a specific covered treatment. Jackhuskey prefers to see birth control as a freeby, others see Viagra as a freeby. Should we go down the entire list of of covered treatments so we can pick and choose what should be covered.

    It is rarely the case were when one chooses coverage, one is allowed to pick and choose their procedure coverage when getting employer (etc.) provided medical insurance. Public policy health experts seem to think that it makes sense to include a relatively inexpensive treatment that has a huge impact on women’s health in medical coverage. I agree with them.

  53. TimO says

    Its funny, when al franken worte lies and the lying liars that tell them, he wrote about how his editor called him ip at like 6:30 am and told him “bill o’riley and fox are suing him”. His response was “awesome!”

    He said that pretty much the only good thing he could say about rush was, after sending him a copy of his book, that rush was smart enough not to touch it with a 10 foot pole. And you never heard about it from or on his show.

    Its a damn shame he’s not smart enough to keep his vomitous bloviating cakehole shut about everything else as well…

  54. ParatrooperJJ says

    The statement is accurate. Getting paid for having sex is the definition of prostution.

  55. says

    My birth control costs $50/month after insurance. I don’t live in poverty, but that’s not a trivial expense. I’m really looking forward to seeing that turn to $0 next year.

  56. says

    Do you know what I’m pissed about? All these bacon-eating bastards who through their own inflated sense of entitlement think that they can get heart medication for free. Back in my day, those chub-chub just diluted one rat poison pellet in a buck of water and everything was ok. But now it’s beta-blockers this, angioplasty that. People should be responsible for their own moral failings. God commanded us to abstain from pig meat, and abstinence is the only proven way of not getting your heart knock-up with fatty deposits. But these heathens wallow up to the all-you-can-eat bar at the golden corral. It’s an orgy of bar-b-que sauce. If you didn’t want the heart attack, you shouldn’t have been wearing that bib.

    What does it say….that those chub-chub are essentially saying that they must be paid to eat fatty sinful food. What does that make them? It makes them pork-slut, right? It makes them bacon-whore. They want to be paid to eat a BTL. They are having so much bacon, they can’t afford the the beta-blockers and blood thinners. They wants you and me and the tax payers to pay them to eat Canadian bacon. What does that make us? The pig-pimps.”

  57. Rhoda says

    Who are Rush’s sponsors? We need to contact the people paying for his show and tell them to make Rush stop his lying.

  58. J.M. Pierce says

    The quickest thing I can say here is that all of those folks who listen to Rush have lows IQs, are somewhat religious, and probably had racist parents….that should cover it…

  59. woodsong says

    J. M. Pierce:

    The quickest thing I can say here is that all of those folks who listen to believe Rush have lows IQs, are somewhat religious, and probably had racist parents….that should cover it…


    My dad listens (or used to) to Rush, for two reasons:

    1: To point and laugh

    2: So that he’d know what the right-wingers were on about.

    He doesn’t fit your characterization at all.

  60. Coragyps says


    I have tried listening to Rush for the reasons your dad has, but my stomach is just to weak for it. And besides, if the Creator had meant for us to listen to talk radio, She wouldn’t have given us the electric guitar.

  61. says If you can’t find a dozen condems there for under 7 bucks, you ain’t lookin. A quick googling will find a ton of places that will sell you all kinds of BC pills for $25.

    Heiro, people are free to make poor choices and then they have to pay the consequences for that. This is America and that means freedom to smoke, but there are consequences for that (shorter lifespan, frequently higher insurance premiums); eat bacon cheeseburgers 3 meals a day, but there are consequences (see above). Health insurances companies are free to not offer contraception, but there are consequences for that (losing customers). Employers are free to not offer health insurance but there is a consequence for that (attracting lower quality employees).Havning the POTUS decide that all the health insurance companies have to do things this way, is not freedom.

  62. Sili says

    Oh. Limbaugh!

    For some reason I seem to have only one memory slot reserved for him and Gingrich.

  63. says

    I just saved you $46 bucks a month. Sprintec and Tri-Sprintec are available at wal-mart for $4 a month. Took me about 30 mins of googling and cross checking but I have the flu and can’t get out and do much, got some time on my hands. There is a percentage of the population that has allergies/reactions to these drugs and if because of that they need something more expensive so be it, deal with them on a case by case basis. But if a woman is so irresponsible that she can’t afford $4 a month then she has problems that a good health care package won’t fix. If she lives too far away from a wal-mart to be a customer, delivers. Gawds I love solving problems.

  64. babybear says

    Birth control pills are prescribed which means that you need a doctor to prescribe them for you. There’s a reason for that. Not every one will react the same way, not every woman has the same intensity of period, maybe she wants a pill that will get rid of the more than a week long pain and bleeding, not every woman has the same menstrual symptoms. Every woman is different and different birth controls are different. Even if you get a generic version of whatever your doctor prescribed it can end up being quite a lot. I pay 10 dollars a month, but a few months ago I was paying 15 for the same medicine because at that time the specific generic version I’m on was not out. before that I was on a birth control that was 5 dollars a month, but it wasn’t doing it for me and I switched. There are lots of reasons to not be taking the 5 dollar bc, should someone really be forced to either pay way more or not be able to afford birth control because their body is different, or they don’t feel very good using the cheap ones?
    And just so you know, a violent reaction to medicine is not the only legitimate reason to use a different type. I had very mild upset stomachs for a couple of days a month. That was enough for me to switch. Why should I have to deal with a churning stomach even for a day?

  65. hieropants says

    The concept of a “free market” breaks down when companies, corporations, institutions, etc. get big enough that they have disproportionate power over their employees and can unilaterally set the rules of the game. That’s why we have government regulations limiting that power, that say employers have to pay their employees a minimum wage, employers have to provide a safe environment for their employees to work, employers can’t sexually harass their employees, and so on.

    This ruling sets guidelines for employee compensation as part of an overall plan to improve the American health care system, because we currently spend massive amounts of money on health care without getting a corresponding payoff. Mandating barrier-free preventative care is an easy way to bring down costs overall.

    You seem to be holding on to the idea of “freedom” meaning “no government regulation”. While that’s great for the rich and powerful, the vast majority of Americans can’t afford to pick up and leave whenever their employer – along with all the other employers in the area – decides it’s a great idea to withhold compensation. This means they are not free, they are subject to the whims of their employers.

  66. says

    The consequences for a health insurance company not offering birth control are higher expenditures for maternity care and children’s care, not losing customers. Most people get their insurance through their employers, which means they don’t have the liberty to choose a different insurer. And until the economy gets a whole lot better, most people don’t have the option of just “work somewhere else.”

    Anyway, since health insurance companies don’t like to pay for L&D care, they tend to cover birth control. But since they also like to keep costs down, they tend to require high co-pays for most brands of hormonal contraceptives. Meanwhile, doctors prescribe the drugs that work best for their patients (best case scenario), not the ones that can be bought ultra-cheap at Wal-Mart, and corporate giants like Wal-Mart tend to focus on how to move product. Caring about their customers’ reproductive freedom, not so much. If there’s a much higher demand on all that cut-rate Sprintec, then they’ll start charging more. It’s really not a sustainable idea to force women to rely on the generosity of Wal-Mart for their contraceptive access. They need to have better protections than that.

    We can talk about “personal responsibility” and “accepting the consequences” until we’re blue in the face, but no matter whose “fault” it is, the prenatal and L&D care for an unintended pregnancy ends up costing the insurance company a whole lot more than an abortion. When children are born, they, too, must be provided with medical care over many years, and it usually ends up being a parent’s insurance plan that pays for that. The insurers would save a lot of money, the employers would save a lot of employee productivity, and the employees would be spared a whole lot of trouble if they could just get contraceptives as preventive care and get the co-pay out of the picture.

  67. J.M. Pierce says

    Clever Fifi….yeah, I sometimes try to keep up on what FOX is puttin’ out, but I could NEVER watch a whole show. Anyway, the key word should have been “believe” what Rush tells ’em….

  68. DaveyGTi says

    Ive Just re-read this, it should read ‘condoms are cheap’ not ‘crap’…doesn’t sound as funny now as it did early yesterday morning either…

  69. The Edge says

    Rush wants sex tapes from all women who use birth control? I need a video camera and a pair of banana slugs – STAT. What? You’ve never seen banana slugs mating? That is some seriously hot porn!

  70. ButchKitties says

    Mirena costs upwards of $300? I WISH it was that cheap. My Mirena cost me $1300 before my insurance company discount, $1000 dollars after the discount. (I know this because my doctor incorrectly charged me the full price, and then gave me a partial refund after being told I should have gotten the discounted price negotiated with Anthem. I had to pony up the $1300 to get the damn thing, and then got a $300 refund check six months later.)

    Or are you referring to the typical co-pay for Mirena? I have a high-deductible plan, so I paid for the whole kit and caboodle, not just a co-pay.

  71. Captain Mike says

    You and me both. It’s like every time I read a news story that has something to do with sex, sexual assault or feminism: why the hell do I scroll down to the comments? Am I trying to give myself a heart attack?

  72. sylvia says

    is rush saying that married folks shouldn’t have sex unless htey want babies? or should hubby find alterna-sex? keep your knees crossed, you slutty wife! if you want your insurance to pay for your preventive care, you must be a prostitute!
    somehow that sounds wrong…

  73. gworroll says

    When I was in high school and a while after, I liked Rush.

    I graduated in 96 though. Has he gotten crazier or have I gotten saner?

  74. says

    Actually, the one friend I know who got it, got hers at Planned Parenthood, who have a sliding scale for services, so that’s where I got my number.

    Yikes, I had not realized they cost that freaking much. That’s almost as much as it cost me to get spayed!

  75. says

    This is actually in response to Hierophant, whose response I wish I could “Like” or “Upvote” or whatever analogous high fives I could give.

    I’d also like to point out to Mr. Huskey that not all women can take all forms of birth control. I’ve seen people go through four or five trying to find one that didn’t give them migraines, spike their blood pressure, throw clots, make the bleeding worse, etc… Which is why birth control should be soley an issue between a woman and her doctor.

    However, if we’re going to talk about entitlement, how do you feel about insurance companies covering Viagra?

  76. says

    Can we please not throw “obese” around like it’s an insult? He’s a misogynistic douchecanoe, and many other things, but attacking people over their appearance is a very low blow that’s going to alienate a lot of people that are otherwise on your side.

  77. christophburschka says

    “I will buy all of the women at Georgetown University as much aspirin to put between their knees as they want,” Mr. Limbaugh said.

    … not this shit again.

    Gah, I need an aspirin.

  78. says

    NOW IF women’s rights were the only issue, Jen might actually have the right to rage. But they aren’t…so, she doesn’t.

    As usual…Jen fails to understand the entire gamut of issues at play regarding chemical contraception, and what the ‘fuss’ is all about for Catholics especially—and, as well, for all other authentic Christians.

    Course, one can’t always reject science.

    We all have to acknowledge that science does indeed have SOME credibility—even if Jennifer, herself, rejects the findings of contemporary scientific research. Or can’t reach accurate and obvious conclusions.

    TWO FACTS: the pill cause abortions, and…using the pill exposes women to increased risk of cancer

    But that’s not all.

    IN SUMMARY the means of artificial contraception violate at least five important rights:

    1) the right to life,

    2) the right to health

    3) the right to education

    4) all right to information (their spread is at the expense of information on natural resources)

    5) the right to equality between the sexes, since the burden of contraception falls mostly on women


  79. doktorzoom says

    I’m going to vote for you getting saner. I briefly listened to the turd when he started his show in 1988, and even then, he casually announced that “feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream of society.”

  80. Pteryxx says

    well let’s see… you’re wrong, condescending, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, how does that even make sense, and wrong. Offhand I can’t think of anyone more deserving of that butt-ugly gravatar than you.

  81. DSimon says

    You know, that’s an (almost, kinda) reasonable summary of (part of) the goals of feminism, although it’s missing the rather important part at the end of that sentence which goes “because society right now unfairly screws over women, particularly women who are not conventionally attractive.”

  82. DSimon says

    Is there no possible objection to stupid nonsense that won’t immediately be mindlessly appropriated by the perpetrators of said nonsense? Seriously, it doesn’t get much more parrot-like than “Contraception is bad ’cause science! Neener neener!”

    Mr. or Ms. Fetus: If you want us to be convinced by some science, you have to not just say “science!”, but you actually have to (a) link to the science and (b) the science has to have the results you say it has and (c) the science has to not have crap methodology.

  83. Allie says

    I see reading comprehension isn’t one of your talents. But then, I doubt you have many talents.

  84. Allie says

    the pill cause abortions

    lol, wut?

    The Pill actually suppresses ovulation.

    Aaaand, the tired old pablum about the Pill giving women cancer isn’t exactly true either; it increases the risks of some cancers, while decreasing the risks of others.

    But then, I think facts aren’t high on your list…

  85. gworroll says

    Right to life? The egg never comes out to be fertilized. On the rare occasions it does anyways, women do get pregnant and normally can carry the pregnancy to term. I suppose there might be some rare event where it would terminate an otherwise viable pregnancy, but the same could be said for many other medications.

    Right to health? Ok, yes, it has negative health consequences and risks. So does aspirin and tylenol. And like aspirin and tylenol, it also has significant health benefits. It should be up to the woman and her doctor to judge these risks and manage them appropriately.

    Right to education and information? What? What the hell is your reasoning on this one? At least the first two have some flawed reasoning, I can’t see the connection here at all.

    Right to equality? So, to enforce equality between men and women, you remove options from women? What? This might be a reason to call for research into male contraception, not a call to restrict female contraception.

  86. Chiroptera says

    …using the pill exposes women to increased risk of cancer…

    Right. This is all about protecting women’s heath. You were never against the pill until you found out about the cancer. Yeah.

    …the right to equality between the sexes, since the burden of contraception falls mostly on women….

    Right. Unlike pregnancy, which is a burden shared equally by both men and women.

    …all right to information (their spread is at the expense of information on natural resources)…

    Right. The Republicans initially limited testimony to religious leaders and excluded testimony from medical professionals and women themselves because they were so concerned about the right to information.

    Do you actually buy into these blatant lies, or are you deliberately being disingenuous?

  87. w00dview says

    I always imagined young Rush as being pretty similar to Eric Cartman. An overweight, bigoted, priveledged little shit with no empathy for others.

  88. christophburschka says

    It is interesting that you name yourself a former fetus, because your reasoning ability isn’t much evidence in support of this.

    By your logic, if a woman does not maintain a constant state of pregnancy, does she kill one unborn child once per month? Whenever a man ejaculates, does he kill millions of potential babies – with a single negligible exception if one sperm happens to fertilize?

    the pill cause abortions

    On second thought, my comment comparing your reasoning to that of a fetus was out of line. I apologize to all fetuses.

  89. says

    I suppose I am a bit jaded. His backwards fundy ideas about sexuality bother me less than the way he portrays sex work. He makes “slut” and “prositute” equivalent words; he tries to say a pimp’s main job is to take care of the women he prostitutes. The social and economic dynamic of actual, typical prostitution is something that no one seems to get right in the mainstream media. A typical prostitute has been prostituted by poverty/lack of opportunity, social conditioning, and possibly directly by pimps. The average age of entry into prostitution is 13. The constant portrayal of prostitutes as sexually insatiable, morally bankrupt women angers me to no end. The way people talk about pimps in the media is curious too; in this case he makes it seem like anyone who helps a prostitute is essentially a pimp. Does anyone really think pimps are in the business of helping prostitutes? Pimps behave in a truly sociopathic manner towards prostitutes, they keep the money that prostituted women earn and fail to protect them from violent johns. The risk of legal trouble is much higher for prostitutes. Pimps seem to be effective at protecting prostitutes from other pimps, but that hardly counts as a service. Rush makes all of this equivalent to a woman who wants to have sex with men, for fun (a “slut”). What a knob.

  90. says

    I think that conventionally attractive women are just as oppressed. Look at the way that sarah palin (conventionally attractive) and hillary clinton (not conventionally attractive) were treated in the polical arena; one was constantly humiliated for being unattractive, the other was constantly humiliated for being attractive. There are many equivalent situations for rape and sexual harassment; the woman who is considered attractive is told she brought it on herself or should expect it, the woman who isn’t considered attractive is told how lucky she is that anyone would want her (or told that she must be lying because no one would). The result is the same in every important respect: your appearance is more important than facts, especially facts about a dude’s behavior.

    One of the greatest illusions in our culture is that there is a way to “win” at being attractive. There is not any level of attractiveness that causes women to be taken seriously. We are all primarily evaluated on our sexual usefulness to men, and the fact that female humanity is a secondary consideration means that any woman can be cut down or oppressed no matter where she lies on the spectrum of beauty. It becomes clear that these things exist in order to cut down any woman, for being a woman. The most affected women are the ones who don’t know that they can’t win at the game, they still think it matters and can therefore still be hurt by it.

  91. says

    Although I live on the other side of the planet, I have been following some of the drivel coming from the current crop of conservative leadership candidates in the U.S..

    This latest from Rush Limbaugh takes the cake. Especially since one of the main options put on the table by our Dr to assist our 16yo daughter with extremely painful and debilitating Ovarian Cysts is to get her on the pill.

    People just don’t put their brain in gear before engaging their mouth.

  92. ischemgeek says

    Er, expecting an insurance company to provide the service you pay them for isn’t an “entitlement mentality.” It’s wanting the other party to uphold their end of a contract.

    Put it this way: Let’s say you hire someone to expand your house. They do everything except put up the interior walls because the company owner is a firm believer in open concept and don’t believe in putting walls between family members. If you want the walls, they say, you’ll have to pay for the material and put them up on your own. Would it be an “entitlement mentality” to be PO’d that they didn’t put up walls?

  93. says

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