I only wear a sexy Halloween costume…

…when it’s ironic and blasphemous.*

Aw yeah, Sexy Mormon Missionaries. You know this would be a much more effective way of converting people.

Me: I feel a little bad getting a Book of Mormon just to use as part of a blasphemous offensive Halloween costume.
Boyfriend: Think of Prop 8
Me: I don’t feel bad anymore.

And thus, the Book of Mormon spankings begun.

*Not because I’ m against sexy costumes, but because it was freaking cold getting to the party in those hot pants. I have to be pretty entertained to sacrifice warmth.


  1. shockwaveplasma says

    Maybe next year you can wear a Chef or a Waitress outfit and relabel the book the CookBook of Mormon.

    Although I’m not sure the BF has the legs to be a Waitress.

  2. Azkyroth says

    I suppose that’s better than going as a Philosophical Zombie. >.>

    I may actually have to shave, get a haircut, and wear a suit just to freak people out next year.

  3. Tom Phoenix says

    You were cold? You must have forgotten your Magic Underwear™. Don’t leave Salt Lake City without your holy undies!

  4. Ray, rude-ass yankee says

    Looks like you’re being “goosed” more than spanked. But hey, it’s all good!

  5. Ray, rude-ass yankee says

    I wasn’t offended by your costumes, so that part wasn’t 100% effective (atheist: go figure).

    You mentioned going to a party, hope you had a good time!

    Ben Crockett@11,

    Love the name tags!

    Oh yeah, the name tags were great. Polly & Manny, what a hoot. I had to had to blow up the picture and zoom in to be able read them though.

  6. Carly says

    Jen, do you feel okay with positive comments about how you look from anonymous, kinky, queer folks? I was just wondering if you had any etiquette preferences about comments made about your appearance.

  7. ajb47 says

    Would “nude” tights, hose, or body suit have kept you warmer? My nine year old daughter sometimes picks costumes that require something be worn underneath.


  8. ah58 says

    Shouldn’t you have magical underwear sticking out from the legs of those shorts? I don’t think they’re long enough to cover from what I’ve seen on the net. It’s a very nice costume nonetheless.

  9. Art says

    The evangelicals call using an attractive female as bait to talk up religion ‘sexy fishing’. Had a couple walk up and work it in Wally World. I played along and kept them going for most of an hour before telling them I was an atheist and dropping bombs on their best arguments. I pointed out that I had enjoyed the show but she had a piece of work for a husband. He that told her to wave her tits in my face and show off her ass, and she did it. I got the feeling that a line had been crossed in her willingness to be servile, she blushed and covered up while glaring at her husband, and there would be some renegotiation of the arrangement.

    All told it was entertaining. I’ve seen worse burlesque, and paid good money to see it. They wasted an hour sexy fishing a trout they couldn’t land. An hour the good people were free of their devious trap.

    Christians, desperate, hypocritical, stupid.

  10. MacCrocodile says

    You might be interested in takebackhalloween.org/

    There’s also the Mormons Exposed calendar…

  11. Ashton says

    Your legs look amazing! I’m trying to imagine myself wearing something like that and I’m pretty sure that I could only pull it off if I wore some hose under the shorts. Somehow, the angle of the first picture makes your heads look kinda big, though.

    Is there any intellectual purpose or meaning to this costume? Is it supposed to say that we’re all sexual – even the people who try to suppress it? I’m trying to come up with something, but all I see is an attempt to be provocative.

  12. Joel Grant says

    I can’t believe no one has made the obvious comment: there is Jen and boyfriend pictured in the Missionary position.

  13. hoverfrog says

    I’m ready to convert except for the whole believing in extraterrestrial gods thing and the wearing of magic underwear. Lucky underwear I can do but I’m not sure about the magic underwear. What happens if the magic leaks and it turns my gonads into something unnatural?

  14. Joe says

    This cracks me up because I just moved to Salt Lake City and I’ve seen several mormon missionaries, and you guys look just like them…except sexy, which is kinda the point.

    You also look amazing and healthy Jen. I kinda get the feeling that moving out to Seattle has been awesome for you.

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