I guess they REALLY wouldn’t like my costume

A Mormon church in Utah is throwing a Halloween party for their community. Everyone is invited…unless you’re cross dressing.

I wonder if my favorite costume that I’ve seen so far would be welcome?

I mean, is Princess Darth Vader gender appropriate? Vader is male, maybe making him Princess-y conforms to gender norms enough for Mormons. I guess these are the tough answers theologians are trained to answer.


  1. Mitch says

    Sigh. Just once, I’d like to hear my state’s in the news without feeling the need to preemptively flinch. I’m glad Ms. Smith had the courage to speak out against it, though I’m not surprised she didn’t want her face shown on camera (similarly, I wonder if that’s her real name, though again, I don’t blame her if it isn’t).

    I promise, we aren’t all as stupid, hateful and backward as Bishop Sophistry. Just stick to SLC and don’t venture much past 3300 S if you can avoid it.

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    At least her attire would be fully appropriate for women of all ages in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and certain other of our glorious freedom-loving allies (well, if she covers up that shameless-hussy elbow).

  3. Alteredstory says

    You know, the article mentions telling a little girl she can’t dress up as Harry Potter, and I have to say that while that’s a shame, if I was going to pick one of that trio to dress up as, it’d be Hermione – she is by far the most competent, awesome, and talented person in that school, and she did it without having a grafted-on supervillain soul fragment!

    But, alas, I am a large, hairy man, so LDS won’t let me dress up as my heroine!


  4. says

    This is a serious theological quandary. She is female, dressed as male, but so very feminine and pink so she isn’t really dressed male, only the character is male and… and…dang, dogma makes me head hurt…

  5. Tim says

    I am confused :)

    You can’t attend that party when you are wearing a cross?
    “Cross” dressing! Get it? No? :D

  6. Alukonis, metal ninja says

    I think Princess Vader finds your lack of support… disturbing.

    *force choke*

  7. Alukonis, metal ninja says

    …PS by “your” I meant the Mormons, not Jen or commenters. I hit submit and realized that was a bit ambiguous.

  8. julian says

    A cape and a dress? How can they expect to get into epic sword fights dressed like that?

    I blame Blizzard for instilling in us a penchant for entirely impractical armor. Yes the child looks fabulous but there isn’t an armor bonus in the world that can make up for being caught flat footed by people walking up to you in plain sight.

  9. says

    No Leia!! Don’t go to the dark side!

    I went this year as hipster Jesus, complete with my own ironic shirt and cross made of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer cans. I wasn’t cross dressing so I could have made it into that happening shindig?

  10. Athywren says

    Well I hope they’re at least consistent?

    “You want to dress as a lion? That’s a cross-species costume! NO!”
    “You want to dress like an angel? That’s a cross-dimensional costume! NO!”
    “You want to dress like Postman Pat? You’re a school kid, that’s a cross-disciplinary costume. NO!”
    “You want to dress like your brother, Jim? He’s 3 years older than you, it’s cross-temporal! NO!!!”
    “You want to dress as yourself? Seems a bit boring…”

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