I swear I haven’t abandoned you!

Moving has taken over my life this week. I have a dozen or so bruises from hauling around boxes and assembling Ikea furniture that claims to take two people. And we’re having an apartment warming party tonight, so I’ve been preparing for that too. And by tonight, I mean it technically started 5 minutes ago, which means everyone will show up in an hour and a half. Which is why I picked an early time. I do not understand this fashionably late business.

After tonight, I only have a tiny cabinet to assemble, and then I have a three day weekend. So you will get real blog posts very soon! Until then, consider this an open thread. What have you been up to? Heck, what has the internet been up to? I haven’t checked blogs all week – for all I know atheists could have finally taken over the world and the memo is buried deep in my unchecked inbox.


  1. says

    Hey, I’m moving too! Into a squalid little dorm room that’s 9’x9′. Needless to say, my place isn’t fit for entertaining, but I’m having pizza and garlic bread at my girlfriend’s while having a Netflix instant view marathon. I hope your warming party is just as fun!

  2. says

    At least you have an excuse for when you don’t update your blog for A FEW DAYS. I vanish from the face of the internet for weeks at a time just because I forget that I have a blog or Twitter (and because if I let my Google Reader fill up for a week without checking it then I get over 1000 posts and it just intimidates me too much so I don’t read it, then ar a month it is at who knows how many thousands of posts to read and ignore it even harder. When I’m ignoring all my feeds I’m also ignoring most other social media. :D  Um, what was I saying? Oh yeah, you are better than I am. :p

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    I was going to encourage you to click my name and find out, but I just discovered that I made a typo and now must figure out how to correct it…  My wordpress isn’t hard to find, though.

  4. Stittsville Anon says

    Curse you west coasters and your time zone. Here I am thinking, “midnight is a bad time to start a party, oh wait, it’s more like 9. Fucking time zones.”

  5. Azkyroth says

    I may be buying a car tomorrow.  Wish me luck. O.o (With the full awareness that it won’t actually affect the outcome, of course.)

  6. Chris says

    Well, since you asked….I’ve been performing mandatory motor vehicle maintenance, putzing with a microcontroller kit, teaching myself python (import soul), pondering whether or not I could get away with building a forge in my parents garage, beta testing SWTOR (that being the only thing I’m allowed to say, in accordance with the NDA), and lamenting that even the almighty Amazon.com has limits when it comes to purchasing obscure music CD’s.I have a 30 minute window of free time tomorrow in which I plan to geek out over whatever new info I can get on Skyrim, and check the weekend events schedule for the local ren faire.(if you don’t get the ‘import soul’ reference, look it up with regards to xkcd)

  7. Al Y says

    This atheist got a job in the icu as a nurse. herp derp gender roles “so when are you going to med school?” *shoots idiot in face*

  8. Svlad Cjelli says

    Looking at Skyrim. Looking at release date. Looking out window. Wondering if it would be redundant.

  9. M31 says

    OK, here’s what happened on the internetz when you were busy:  some atheist accommodationists got their panties in a wad over something rude someone said; the Vatican denied it covered up child rape; elsewhere there was more evidence of Vatican child rape; buncha Republicans said stupid stuff; Obama said “let there be MOAR OZONE!!!”; and apparently there’s a lot of porn available, still.  Does that cover it?

  10. says

    What’s been going on? Well it’s been very interesting to see how different UK politics are from the US. The leadership of the right-of-centre party here in the UK hinted they might support some legislation that would prevent not-for-profit abortion providers from providing counselling, on the spurious grounds that they “had a financial interest”, opening the door to all sorts of faith groups (sounds familiar?). When women’s groups got wind of this (including the party’s own women’s group!) they backed down issuing denials. Contrast this with the US where state after state has introduced legislation attacking abortion rights this year.

  11. pete084 says

    Wow, crikey, blimey! I had a busy time too, a long journey starting with 2 x trains to catch a bus to an airport to fly to Amsterdam, another train, then tram, a hotel, a day in MSF office, then tram, train flight, London, train, underground, hotel, next day another MSF office, then underground, bus, train, exhaustion!Other than that I’ve had a quiet time!

  12. says

    I think moving is an excellent excuse, I’m so glad we’re done with it. Other than that, the world is still whirling around the sun with it’s wonky load of people and other creatures, and my fellow Blag Hag readers have reminded me that wine is great stuff.

  13. BCskeptic says

    Watched a re-run on the MC tonite, Michael Moore’s “Capitalism: a love story”.Sad stuff, and I was following and agreeing until he started interviewing priests (and Catholics no less!), asking if they thought that capitalism was “against Jesus’ teachings” etc. etc.  They all said it is evil, and wicked, and even the bishop said so…blah blah blah.At that point I couldn’t take it anymore…something about stones and glass houses.  Had to shut it off.How can someone be on about something, and totally wrong or go off on a tangent, and not see the…irony…absurdity? of what they are saying?  Michael Moore, come on.Other than that…had a great day in the sun, bike touring with my wife, and, just enjoying being alive.That’s all.

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