Jen reads her hate mail

For your viewing pleasure, inspired by the similar video Richard Dawkins did (though I lack the awesome accent):

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  1. Combat Wombat says

    It serves the same function as the fireplace in the Dawkins video, I feel.

  2. says

    Aw, dang it. Once more making me yearn for popularity so that I could receive – and respond to – my own hate mail. *le melodramatic sigh*Also, “airbrush your balls” totally made me LOL. I’d apologize, but then, you and your pals laughed harder than I did. :P[Sorry if you received about a dozen edit notifications for this comment; just couldn’t press the right freaking key tonight.]

  3. says

    I’ve seen that octopus or one just like it someplace before… Maybe an album cover, seems like it might have been posing with an atheist biologist blogger or something…

  4. Jeremy Carroll says

    I don’t get the ‘airbrush your balls’ comment. Are you supposed to airbrush some balls onto you, or should you airbrush your balls to looks like something else, like a Pink Floyd album for example.

  5. Tabitha Rose says

    I love how these doofs still think the word “feminazi” is like, edgy or clever, or that it will actually fucking bother any of us. Of course it holds a special place in my Jewish feminist heart :P

  6. says

    I think the soothing English accent is cancelled out by the sheer ALWP-ness going on in yours. Also, Dawkins had no octopus.

  7. says

    Just to counter-balance that idiotic sludge you have to deal with:You are one of my favorite bloggers (together with his greatness the PZ) and alltogether one a person I like and respect a lot! Keep up the good work! :D

  8. Jon says

    Speaking from the other side of the Atlantic, you actually do have an awesome accent.

  9. hippiefemme says

    While it was amusing to watch you read your hate mail, I am sorry that you have to deal with such nonsense.

  10. psmith123456 says

    I never had any intention of commenting on the looks or femininity of our blogger, even before, and especially in light of, “elevatorgate”.However, after watching that  video, I have to say the JMcR is a spitting image of my sister.  She’s got the same wavy hair (but brunette instead of blonde), the same mouth, eyebrows and chin, and the same voice in a lower pitch.  The resemblence is frightening.

  11. Silly55lady says

    You have a squishable octopus! My friends bought be the Narwhale for graduation. :D

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