Here’s my Skepticon calendar photo!

I went for the classy look.Because hey, you don’t need to show lots of skin to look sexy, and the most important thing was to do something I was comfortable with. And if Dan Barker can pose fully clothed, so can I.

Calendars will go on sale in about a month, and all proceeds will help fund the amazing, free skeptical conference Skepticon. Thanks to my friend Brendan for being an awesome photographer.

Bonus points to anyone who recognizes where this was taken! Edit: That was quick! Yep, this was taken at Gas Works Park in Seattle.

(Hint #1: This is one of those contexts where it would be okay to comment on my appearance.)

(Hint #2: Because this one instance of an acceptable context exists, that does not mean that all future contexts are to be ignored. One yes does not mean “always yes.”)


  1. piguy says

    Skeptical Funny Smart Geeky Science Girls are HAWT!!

    Oh – and you look really good in that there black getup.

  2. Stormageddon says

    Gas Works? Hope you avoided the Benzene bubbles and toxic sludge. I enjoy reading your writings too much for you to go and get all cancer-y on me.


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