I’m now on the Center for Inquiry’s speaker’s bureau!

Which means…well, it doesn’t really mean anything new – I still probably would have spoken to your group if you asked. But now I’m in a database that people can skim for new speakers, so maybe some new people will find me!

Because, you know, I’m not already busy with a bunch of speaking events. There are five more future events that aren’t on that schedule yet because the details haven’t been completely worked out. Oi.

People ask me how I can do this while being in grad school. Answer: I have no freaking clue.


  1. pete084 says

    I’m still waiting for you to come to the Untied Kingdom to speak, there are plenty of meetups and the occasional big event you could fit in whilst there. Give me plenty of advanced notice though, I have to commute 3000 miles myself!

  2. Kat says

    Any chance you’ll be speaking at University of Kansas in May at their Reason Gathering (I think that’s the event’s name). I’m so going and so excited that something like it is actually happening in KANSAS! I’d love to hear you speak.

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