Hey Dad…

Did you know your city council is unconstitutionally supporting Jebus and wasting taxpayer’s time with prayer? I know how much you like writing letters to the editor – now may be a good time.

At the very least, Bill Calhoun may be a godless golfing buddy for you. Well, that’s assuming everyone in Lady Lake, FL golfs, which is a pretty fair assumption.

Weird when these things hit close to home.


  1. LS says

    I insist you use your inside connection to this story to keep us updated. Post a copy of your dad’s letter, etc! That would be a cool change from the more more common (though not necessarily bad) pattern of blogs only posting about these issues when they’re in the headlines.

  2. Guest says

    Lake County has a lovely record of inclusiveness, tolerance, and…oh Dog, I can’t even finish that sentence. The Turnpike is covered in anti-abortion billboards and the county boarders lovely Marion County (http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-50

  3. Wally Real says

    Bread and circuses. It funny how atheists get worked over by the statist claptrap of separation of Church and State.

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