Goal Unlocked: Attract Audience So Large It Violates Fire Code

Okay, I’m not sure if we were technically breaking any laws at my talk last night…but it was pretty damn close. Most of the Seattle Skeptics meetups in the pub have around 15 people attending, at least the ones I’ve gone to. When I arrived 15 minutes early, there were already 35 people there, and I got the last seat at one of the tables. 20 to 30 more people came after that, and some just could not physically fit into our side room of the pub. We were even making the restaurant run out of clean glasses.

To those of you we had to turn away, I’m sorry! We never thought the talk would be that popular. If you couldn’t hear or see anything, I’m sure I’ll give the talk again in Seattle at some point.

Thanks to everyone who came!


  1. J. Mark says

    Everyone wants to flock around the atheist, nerd girl from Indiana….I’m not surprised. If I lived with within 100 miles, I’d of been there too. Jen for Pres in 2032….

  2. Eric_Rom says

    Welcome to Nerdtown: when “Science on Tap” had their extraterrestrial life talk, I couldn’t get in the frackin’ door.You DO know of “Science on Tap”, right?

  3. says

    The first month I lived in Seattle, I was going to see Stephen Hawking speak and waited until the day of to buy tickets, thinking “No one will want to see him speak, he’s a scientist!” Learned the hard way. Seattle is not the South.

  4. J. Mark says

    I thought it was an especially bad idea at the Creation Museum for them to have a Leprosy Food Court area….

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