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The likelihood of me making inappropriate sexual posts has just increased by an order of magnitude. Hooray! To kick it off:
Yay atheism.

(Via PostSecret)

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  1. JP says

    First time commenter here, but I just want to say that I support you fully in this blogathon — I’ve been reading your blog daily since boobquake.

  2. Jen (but not the blogger Jen) says

    Hooray for Postsecret, atheism, and inappropriate sexual posts.Also, I want to point out the benefit of having readers in Australia… we’ll be awake and reading/commenting while you’re posting all night!

  3. Buffy2q says

    People who insist that without their religion/god to hold them back they’d be rapists, serial killers, thieves, etc, truly scare me.

  4. LS says

    If it makes you feel any better, they’re lying to themselves and to you when they say that.They’re ‘good’ because of the reason humanity developed a sense of ‘good.’ We need each other, and if I’m nice to you, you’ll be nice to me.

  5. says

    I’ve been immersed in the internet culture for too long because I first read that as “If I weren’t religious, I’d fucking everything”. I still think my version is better.

  6. Bill says

    I’d say we’re already fucked. Either suffer for eternity or be forever miserable – being forced to worship that brutal, conceited, self-righteous ass. And yes, more inappropriate sexual posts please. Keep up the great work!

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