Is it summer yet?

All I’ve been able to do lately is fantasize about the summer. I have three more weeks of class, then a week of final exams. The weather has officially turned beautiful, and there are lovely flowers everywhere. I won’t be taking classes or doing research, and I have an extra month of summer since UW starts much later than Purdue. Long story short, I’m afflicted with horrible senioritis and I’m ready to go frolic outside, travel, and play video games until my brain oozes out.

Since I cannot yet do any of these things, I’m doing the next best thing: blogging about what I’m goign to do. Here are my summer plans so far:

  • May 7, 5:00 pm: Finish last final exam.
  • May 7, 5:01 pm: Senior week! Aka, constant state of partying, drunkeness, and debauchery until the 15th
  • May 16: Graduation! I’ll be all grown up! *sentimental tears*
  • Late May: Trip to DISNEY WORLD, YEEEAAAHHHH! Seriously, I’m way too excited about this. The only time I’ve been to Disney World was in 5th grade, which was the perfect age to not really enjoy it – too old to love the people in suits, too young to love the rides. I’m psyched to go with my close friends and not just my parents. We really wanted to go to the Harry Potter theme park, but it’s not going to be open in time. So disappointed.
  • June 5: Friend’s wedding!
  • June 25 – 29: Evolution Conference in Portland, Oregon! I’ll be (hopefully, not official yet) presenting a talk on my most recent research project. Which means I’ll be shitting my pants, since it’s a huge conference. My whole lab is going, along with other grad students we know from other labs, so it should be a ton of fun.
  • July 13: Play “How Can I Fit All My Belongings into My Car” Tetris (aka, moving out of West Lafayette).
  • July 23 – 25: Secular Student Alliance Conference in Columbus, Ohio! This was a blast last year. I hope I can take the new set of officers along with me. And even better, I hope I’ll be a new SSA board member by then, but that depends on how the elections go (vote for me!).
  • July 31: BLOGATHON! Oh hell yes I’m doing this again. Except this time I’ll be living in my parents’ house, and they’ll witness my insane displays of sleep deprivation. Hopefully I can break the $500 mark this time.
  • August: Uh, have fun. I have nothing planned, weeee.
  • Early to mid September: Make the 34 hour drive across the country to Seattle, Washington. This…will be interesting.

This may seem like a lot to a sane human being, but as someone who’s stressed out when she’s not overbooked, it’s a relaxing summer. I also have a lot of unscheduled things I’d like to accomplish:

  • Finish up my current research projects and get them submitted to nice journals. I’d preferably like to do this before I give my advisor a heart attack.
  • Lose at least ten pounds, maybe fifteen. Before anyone yells at me about how I shouldn’t care about my weight and that I look fine, know that I’m doing this for me. I’ve gained weight throughout undergrad, and I’d like to thin back down. I want to be able to look at photos of me without lamenting over how fat my face looks. More importantly, trying to lose weight will encourage me to start exercising and eating better, which are definitely good habits to have. I guess I see it that if I don’t get healthy at this point in my life, I’m doomed for the future. Of course, with my luck, I’ll probably lose all the weight from my boobs first (let’s hope not).
  • Read a lot. I still have books I bought two years ago that I haven’t touched.
  • Frantically catch up on modern research in human population genetics so I don’t feel like a complete dumbass when I go to grad school. Feeling like somewhat of dumbass is unavoidable.
  • Finish writing a book. I have three books in progress: one is a quarter done, one needs seriously revamping but I don’t want to throw it away, and one is just an idea but a timely one. I’m notoriously bad for starting a writing project and not finishing it, mainly because I used to feel no one would want to read it. Now that I’ve been blogging and realize people do like what I write, I’ve been finding a lot more motivation. I will get a book published, goddamnit!
  • Play video games I’ve been neglecting. Hey, I need to enjoy the simple things in life too.

Alright, after writing that up, I just wish it was summer even more! Four more weeks…must…survive…


  1. Greg23 says

    I know it sounds like an infomercial cliche but P90X will get you in the best shape of your life, teach you to eat right and practically turn you into a jock. You have to be serious about it though. You can get it for way less than the$120 retail. Get Insanity will go further but you would have to BE insane to want to do that one!

  2. says

    I don’t know how much you’ll actually be around West Lafayette, but if you need a gym buddy at all while you’re here, let me know. I’ll still be working but my schedule is flexible and I need to drop about 15 pounds myself.

  3. says

    Oh man, I totally do! I am so much more encouraged to go if I know someone else is expecting me to. I have a problem with self motivation.

  4. selfification says

    I must add that the above might not actually cause you to lose weight and might even cause you to gain some. I noticed this in a very pronounced manner when I graduated and moved to CA (and actually felt motivated to bike and work out and enjoy the weather). On the other hand, toned muscles are quite sexy and I’m sure that you and The Boyfriend(TM) would appreciate that.

  5. says

    The Evolution Conference sounds like a lot of fun. I know a bunch of Discordians that live in Portland that I would introduce you to but… they are a bit weird.

  6. says

    Woo Blogathon! I’ve done it twice, in’06 & ’07 (’08 & ’09 I was unable [then-boyfriend visiting from the NL, and getting married/honeymooning in Italy, respectively =P]), and I hope to do it again this year. It’s definitely a fun thing to do, and for a good cause. =)

  7. Aardvark says

    You might look at Weight Watchers. They are nearly woo-free, only minimally try to get you to buy stuff, and don’t try you to only eat their brand of food. Plus you can get all nerdy calculating the points of your recipies. (WW is point-based, with a point basically being 50 kcal modified by fibre and fat content.) Informally, I’ve found that scientists and engineers seem to do quite well on WW.

  8. Greg23 says

    I know. It’s almost like a cult and with some people I think it IS a cult. Just saying: it works but you have to be pretty dedicated to doing it – and it’s definitely not designed for people pushing 60! (modify as needed)

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